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A Mom's Look At Summer

in , , , , by JLynnCorter, 7/24/2016
I don't know about you guys, but summer can be tiring! With all of the trips you take, the money spent, the junk food eaten. I didn't say it isn't fun, but it can be exhausting after a while! Now we are at that point during summer where it's almost August, but we're not quite there yet. Back to school sales have already started, and people are scrambling to get the best deals. Here's how I think moms feel about summer. 

The "I Can't Believe It's Summer Already!"

Getting Excited And Thinking Your Vacation Will Be Like

But It's More Like...

But You're Still Trying To Make The Best Of It

At Least The Kids Are Having Fun...

And Your Hubby Is Eager To Help When You Want To Relax

When You're Ready For Back-To-School

But It's Not Quite Time Yet. So You Attempt To Blog To Relax

But...Writers Block Hits. Hard.

So, You Try To Clean The House

When You're Done, At Last, A Moment Of Relaxation

Until You Look At The Calendar And Realize School Starts Next Week...

You Think To Yourself "Where Did That Time Go?"

So It's Off To Back-To-School Shopping!

...With The Kids Like

Finally That Blessed Night Comes. The Night Before School. 
But It's 8PM And It's Still Light Out, So Your Kids Aren't Going To Sleep

Finally They Go To Bed. But You Barely Slept All Night. Because We're Moms, And We Worry. It's New Grades And New Teachers For The Kids. So We Wake Up Like:

With Breakfast The Next Morning Like:

Running Around Trying To Get Everyone Ready Has Us At:

But Finally After Getting Everyone Into The Car, You Roll Up To The School, Ready To Walk Your Kids In. They Aren't So Thrilled. But You Tell Them:

So You Give Them All Kisses And Drop Them Off. 
But The Ride Home Got Us Like...

Because, well, they're still our little ones, no matter how old they may get or what grade they are entering. And even though they can get on our nerves, and may have done so a lot over the summer, we wouldn't trade that time we spent with them for the world. They grow up so fast, life is short and moments are precious and fleeting, so we cherish those summer memories that we made. 

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