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Things to Consider Before Planning a Beach Wedding

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Many people plan a beach wedding intend on planning a relaxed affair. In reality, planning a wedding in a venue that is also open to the public can be anything but breezy. Here are a few things to consider before you set your heart on a beach affair.

Public or Private Beach?

Most beaches are typically open to the public, but if you have a smaller beach wedding, you could find a private property or picturesque beach wedding venues in Melbourne like Brighton Savoy. Be sure to start your search early on.

The Ceremony, Reception or Both?

There’s a difference between a ceremony on the beach and a reception at a traditional space, or full-on beach blanket hanging out with your loved ones. You need to figure out what kind of beach wedding you want.


While it may be your dream to get married with your toes in the sand, will your wheelchair-bound aunt make it to see you do so? Will your guests need to stand? Are there sitting options? Just like any other ceremony space that is outdoors, the beach can add an element of difficulty when it comes to all your guests accessing the location. Consider your guest list and figure out if additional accommodations will need to be made.


Waves can be loud! Moreover, beaches do not always come equipped with power outlets. Will you guests be able to hear you? Is your wedding intimate enough that you will not even need amplification? Alternatively, will you need to talk to the venue’s preferred suppliers to bring in a portable power station?

High or Low Season?

Beach seasons vary so you will need to figure out if your chosen beach has a high and low season. There can be both drawbacks and benefits to each, depending on your wedding date. High season weather tends to be better, but the downsides include:

- Crowded beaches

- Local authorities patrolling the beaches

- More difficult or expensive to secure accommodation for guests

While low season weather may be less favourable, it does offer:

- A more private ceremony

- Cheaper lodgings

- Special offers on reception venues

Getting Married on the Beach – a Quick Guide

If you have your heart set on getting married with the waves at your back and the sand in your toes, take these two important considerations to heart:

1. Hire a Coordinator Who Specialises in Beach Weddings

Getting married on the beach is the same as a regular wedding, but with loads of unexpected things you may not have considered. If it is within your wedding budget, hire someone who has planned beach weddings previously. They will know their way around any of the local ordinances; they will remind you and your guests to wear sunscreen, and they can even act like your personal wedding bouncer if passers-by attempt to photo bomb your ceremony pictures.

2. Get Married at a Beach Resort

Destination beach resorts come out tops when it comes to beach weddings. There are also usually a bunch of perks that come with booking one. While leaving the country may be a little out of you and your loved one’s budgets, there are plenty of beautiful locations in Melbourne at which you can tie the knot.

We hope this article can help you in planning your wedding. Follow these tips and you’re sure to have the perfect wedding for you and your loved one.

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