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While gold may well get all the glory, its precious metal relative, silver, also deserves a lot of praise. Silver is an extremely fascinating metal with a rather long history of use in wealthy homes, royal artefacts, and religious rites. What’s more, the silver market right now is hot, with prices soaring to some of their highest levels since the early 1980s.

So aside from precious gold jewellery in the UK, why are people opting for silver as well? Here are ten great reasons.

10 Cool Facts about Silver

  1. There’s a Lot of Silver to Go Around

There is approximately 17 times more silver than gold in the world. But, you can still earn some serious money for selling silver jewellery, sterling silver, or silver coins.

  1. Silver Makes for a Pretty Picture

We know that the fine silver jewellery at Silver by Mail is simply stunning, but did you know that photographic film makes use of silver to help capture form and light from images?

  1. You Get to See Yourself Clearly

Silver is one of the most reflective metals you could find and is regularly used in high-end mirrors.

  1. Silver Keeps the World Warm

Of all the metals on the planet, silver is the best at conducting heat. Take a look at a car’s rear windshield defroster and you may notice that those lines are made of silver.

  1. Silver is Skinny

This is a fact that scientists love. A grain of silver, about 65mg, can be compressed into a sheet that is 150 times thinner than paper.

  1. Silver Helps Burn Victims

Doctors make use of silver to help patient’s skin regrow for those patients who have lost large patches of skin or have been severely burned.

  1. Silver Can Keep You Healthy

Silver has natural antibacterial properties than can prevent the spread of diseases. Furthermore, bacteria will not develop immunity to silver, which makes the metal more powerful than any antibiotics.

  1. Silver Kills Germs

Thanks to the metal’s germ-killing properties, it is said that children who are fed with silver spoons tend to be healthier babies.

  1. Silver Plays Well with Other Metals

Since silver is a soft metal, similar to gold, artists enjoy combining it with other metals, such as nickel or platinum, in order to craft jewellery that can stand the test of time.

  1. Silver is Number One in the New World

Silver production is number one in Mexico, with Peru just behind. People in the United States tend to be the top silver buyers.

These are fun facts you may not have known about silver, but did you know the price of silver has rarely been high in past years? So, if you need some extra cash quickly, sell your silver items. However, if you would like to invest in something special, buy a unique piece of silver jewellery.

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