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It's been about a month now since we've gotten back from vacation up in Cape Vincent, New York. It's about 400 miles from where we live. But my goodness, is it just beautiful up there. It sits right on the St. Lawrence river, and you can see Canada from one of the parks. I love it up there, it's so quiet and quaint. But if you ever find yourself up that way, these are some not-to-miss attractions, stores and parks!

1. 1,000 Islands Cruet - Clayton

Okay, so this one isn't technically in Cape Vincent, but a few towns over in Clayton. But we ALWAYS hit this place when we are up there. We go in and sample a ton of different vinegars. I even tried chocolate balsamic vinegar! Syrus got to get in on the fun this year, until his tummy had enough of the acidity of the vinegar. But we love this place. Their prices are reasonable, and you can sample as much as you want.

2. Koffee Kove Restaurant

We found this little gem of a restaurant, once again, in Clayton, when we first went up to visit my husband's grandparent's. Okay, not only is the coffee delicious, but the food is equally scrumptious! The first year we went, we only went once. This time, we went there as much as we could! I mean, look at the food, it looks so good (and it was)! Make sure you head out to the other side of the buildings to check out those gorgeous murals!

3. Cape Vincent French Festival

This is a festival that happens once a year, usually held sometime in July. There are all kinds of vendors, re-enactments, entertainment and fun for the kids, food, amazing crafts, a parade and so much more. I really enjoyed it! It was my very first one! We walked around, watched the parade a bit, checked out the vendors, it was fun! On the first night, they do an EPIC fireworks show, and I do mean epic. If you ever get the chance to go, do it!

4. Clayton Park / Playground

Sy felt is was time for an impromptu ukulele session.

They couldn't help themselves. #MyHeartWillGoOn

Okay, do you see that playground? Like seriously? They have different sections for different kids of different ages. The playgrounds around here don't have that. And hey, we totally took on the motto that day of "You Only Live Once," so we got in on the fun, too and played on the playground with Syrus. I had NOT had that much fun in such a long time. I hadn't laughed like that in such a long time. We need more playgrounds like these down here in New Jersey. You hear me, NJ? 

5. The St. Lawrence River - Cape Vincent

I think Syrus is casting some sort of spell on the river....

This is the second reason that we come up. It is so beautiful by the water. Tranquil, lovely. We enjoy it so much. Sy loves throwing rocks in the water. Just look at those waves. So beautiful. Here is a video I took of the waves crashing on a particularly windy day. 

A video posted by Jennifer L. Corter (@jlynncorter) on

Needless to say, it is very beautiful in upstate New York. If  you can ever get there, do it! 

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