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Many thanks to Annie’s Homegrown for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to eat certified organic! 

 It's funny, I was always under the impression that organic foods were quite a bit more steep in price than regular foods. You know, the ones with the obscene amounts of carbs, sugar and fat? Yeah, I was pretty wrong about that one. I recently learned about Annie's Homegrown, and how deliciously nutritious they are. Plus they're organic, and only for about a fraction of the price that you would pay for other organic foods!

Now, I have had Annie's products before, and they are absolutely delectable. You can taste that they don't use any artificial ingredients, just good and wholesome ones that come from Mother Nature herself. There are so many Annie's products out there on the market today, that we decided to go with their new chewy granola bars!

We were pretty pumped when learned about the awesome new Annie's Chewy Granola Bars! We had to try them! And let me tell you, they are absolutely delicious. As you can see in the video below, these granola bars are unlike any other! Plus, they are totally perfect for re-fueling your little ones after a hard day of play!

As you can see, there are a ton of different varieties when it comes to Annie's Homegrown foods. From their delicious macaroni and cheese to their delectable cheddar bunnies that kids go gaga over, there is something for everyone! I'm actually pretty excited to finally start eating organic! My family and I have been wanting to for a long time, and until we found Annie's, we really didn't have the budget to. Eating right is super important to myself and my family. We've all got to stay healthy for each other! 

I've got to make sure these two eat wholesome foods, so they can be ready to battle at any moment!
The other thing that I really adore about Annie's is that it is the perfect snack to take on the go with you, road trips, soccer games, school functions, Annie's is perfect for any of those occasions! I'm going to start keeping one in my purse at all times for when my little guy is hungry and we're out someplace!

But perhaps, the most winning thing of all that makes me adore Annie's is how they give back to the community. Not only have they recently started up in the Box Tops program, but they have also are caring about the environment, using recycled materials in all of their packaging. 

See how every box has a "Rabbit of Approval?" Have you ever wondered why that is? Because of Bernie, of course! Bernie was Annie's Dutch rabbit pal. After starting her company, she chose him to be the companies official Rabbit of Approval, to represent the wholesome goodness, simplicity and care that goes into all of their products. Let's face it, if it has the Rabbit Seal of Approval on it, it has to be good (and it is! So tasty!). Many grocery stores carry Annie's,  so next time you're there, take a trip down the organic aisle and find your new favorite Annie's product! 

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