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Note: I was compensated in the form of free product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

When it comes to washing our hair, we take it very seriously. Girls, guys, all of us. We want to be looking our best at all times! By looking our best we feel our best, too! We exude confidence when we feel good about ourselves. There is something about having great hair that just makes us feel awesome. But there are so many shampoos and conditioners out there on the market that it can be hard to figure out what to use to take care of our hair in the best way possible.

This is where Latherology comes in. They specialize in custom-made, handcrafted hair products, delivered monthly. I was terribly excited when my box arrived on my doorstep. I've never been so excited to wash my hair in my entire life! Take a peek at the inside of my box!

It even came with a hand-written note! 

The unique thing about Latherology is that everything is made to order. That means that they don't just pull your order off of a shelf somewhere in a warehouse. No, they hand make your order when it is placed. The best part? It is so easy! There are only three steps! The first one is to choose your base, which is created with the highest quality ingredients, free of parabens and sulfates. Neat, right? Then you choose whether or not the mix is for regular or color treated hair. This is your base.

The next step is to choose one carrier oil, which isn't scented. But this oil works hard to keep your hair nourished! Finally, the third and last step is to add one to two essential oils, which have aroma and scent benefits. You can pick one, or two that complement each other. The choice is entirely up to you! At this point, you choose whether you would like 4 oz or 6 oz bottles, and the frequency of your shipment!

So what can you choose from? Just about anything! Click here for the ingredients list on Latherology's website! It tells you everything you wanted to know, including the benefits of all the ingredients! That is another thing that I loved about it! I bet you want to know what was in my mix, right? I'll show you!

My base was for non-chemical/color-treated hair. The carrier oil that I chose was Hemp, because of the amazing benefits which include moisturizing and rejuvenating the scalp, which is great, because my scalp is pretty dry. For my essential oils, I chose Bergamot and Tea Tree oils. And boy, does it smell good! Finally, in the last two boxes, your bottles are signed by the person who mixed them, and the date of mixing. So when I finally got around to washing my hair with it, I was extremely happy with the end result. My hair was so soft and smelled absolutely amazing! Why not try and make your own mix? You can and you can get $7 OFF when you use the code SAVE$7JC at checkout! You can't beat that deal!

Okay, so here is the amazingly exciting part of this post! Latherology is giving you the chance to win a personalized box of your very own! Enter using the form below! 

Giveaway begins on 8/29 and ends on 9/12. 

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