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It's the never-ending conundrum. Us busy moms and dads are always at a loss towards the evenings when it is time to figure out what to cook for dinner. Something that everyone will enjoy. It's hard, right? But anymore, there are so many applications and cookbooks and websites out there, it can drive you insane on what to cook, where to get the ingredients, how to cook everything, how long it will take, etc.

Enter Recipe Calendar!

Recipe Calendar is a simple and easy to use application for when it comes to choosing meals and purchasing ingredients, and even cooking the food. I've been playing around for it for a while and I am simply fascinated by it. I've downloaded my fair share of applications to help me with meals, but none come close to what Recipe Calendar does for me!

To start off, Recipe Calendar gives you approximately seven different recipes to choose from. One for each day of the week! That takes a lot of the work out of it for me. I don't have to sit down, figure out what to make, figure out what to buy at the store, etc. So. Much. Easier. Another thing I love about it is that they have various meal plans available, including Low-Calorie American Menu For Losing Weight, Tasty and Cheap American Family Menu, Traditional American Menu, Everyday Indian Menu and so much more

They even show you pictures of the ingredients, so you know for sure that you have got the right ones! In addition to that, it tells you how long each recipe will take in approximation. It shows nutritional value for each dish, and you can even share what you are cooking with their sharing options! If you really love a recipe, you can review it! There are even complexity levels, depending on your cooking skills, what kind of cuisine you want to cook and how many people will be eating this meal, so the app can tweak it to the correct measurements and settings. 

How about a recipe of your own? You can add it to the application, where other users are able to see it and use it as well! Your recipe will be seen all around the world! How neat is that? Oh, and if you have a favorite recipe on Recipe Calendar already, you can favorite it! A shopping list also comes with the application, so if you need to go to the grocery store to get ingredients, it is all right there in the palm of your hand! I don't think that there has been an easier application for meal-planning in a long time! They even have a newsletter that you can sign up for! 

All in all, Recipe Calendar is something that will definitely be staying on my phone indefinitely. My husband will love it when I show him it! Gone are the days of sitting down at the table and arguing about what to make for next week's dinners! A new era of meal planning has been ushered in, and I think that it is here to stay! I encourage you to give it a download and join over 10,000 other happy users! 

Note: This post was sponsored by Harmonic Soft. All opinions are my own.

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