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In approximately a week from today, my little one -- ahem, big boy, will be six years old. Six! Can you believe it! I know that every mom goes through this phase of "Where in the hell did that time go? They were seriously just a baby like three months ago." He is going to be starting first grade on September 6th, and it's like Whaaaat? First grade? But he was just in kindergarten. But I digress. Much like my 6 Things I've Learned In My Six Years Of Marriage post, I am putting down the things that I have learned over the past six years. 

1. He Came Along At Just The Right Time

Yup! That's itty bitty Syrus! 

I recall going to a fertility clinic, not because we were trying to get pregnant, but to try and do something with my endometriosis, as all other options had been exhausted. It was a strange and whirlwind experience. They gave me two options, get pregnant or go on Lupron (hint: DON'T DO THAT.) Well, at the time, my insurance company wouldn't pay for the shots, as they were $2000 a piece. And we certainly didn't have that kind of money. My now husband, then fiancee and I talked about it, and figured, why not try? The worst that can happen is that we can't get pregnant, and we could face that down after we were married. I mean, I was 20 now, not 17, when a doctor told me to go out and find a guy and have a child. Yes, yes. He did say that. So, we tried. Surprisingly enough, on December 22nd, I'll never forget the day, I held a digital pregnancy test in my hand that said YES across it. I was a mix of scared to death and excited as all get out. 

2. We Loved Him Before We Even Knew Him 

That's me looking like a blimp! 

Perhaps I jumped the proverbial gun too quickly, but I was all like OMG I'M PREGNANT, GOTTA GO SEE THE OB/GYN! Turns out, I was so early in my pregnancy, and my HCG numbers were so low, the doctor told us it was a possibility that the pregnancy could be ectopic. I remember getting into the car with my fiancee and just crying, both of us, holding each other. This child, we both wanted, may not be a viable pregnancy? Our hearts were breaking into a million pieces for a child we didn't even know yet. But that is where that insurmountable love comes in. We loved this child already. Spoiler alert, turns out, I was just too excited and went too early. 

3. Labor Was The Worst Thing Ever, But I'd
Do It Again

His big arrival! 6:19 PM on August 19th! 7lbs. 5oz. 21in. 

I cannot complain, because my mom and my mother-in-law were in labor for FAR longer than I was. I was in labor for a whole six hours (don't hate me)! His due date was September 1, but when I went to the hospital for what I thought was Braxton-Hicks contractions, my doctor was like "We're gonna meet this baby today!" My first thought was, "No, we're not. I'M NOT READY." But I was definitely probably totally did act like a three-headed monster during labor, especially towards my husband who sat in the corner reading. (I'm looking at you, Jeremy.) While I'm over in the bed feeling like I'm going to die. The hospital staff made me drink cranberry juice, which I proceeded to bring back up all over a nurses shoes. I was even more upset at that point. Then I received my epidural (I'm a total puss when it comes to pain.) But when it ran out I was like I WANT ANOTHER ONE. Then they told me it was time to deliver. So, my husband and mother were there to help deliver my darling little cherub. Okay, serious question, right after delivery, you feel like death, right? They put him on my chest and I was so tired after delivery that I was scared I would drop him, so I told them to get him off me. I probably sounded awful and mean, but I legit didn't want to drop him because I was so tired and lightheaded. This happen to anyone else? 

4. I Love Shopping


Okay, this one isn't a surprise. But oh my gosh, do you know how much fun it is to shop for babies and toddlers? So many cute clothes! I can't stand it! If I had an unlimited amount of money, my kid's closet would be full up with everything in every color. I always joked around that if we ever have a second kid, or if my sister has a daughter, they better watch out, because, well TUTUS. More specifically, RAINBOW TUTUS. There will be frills all over the place. It's still totally fun finding little cargo shorts and stuff for the boy and dressing him up. Especially during the holidays! Can we say little suits and tiny fedoras? 

5. Unconditional Love

Giving daddy eskimo kisses.

If you have read my blog before, you'll know that I have mental illnesses. I tend to cry. I have depression. I take medications, see a psychiatrist and am in therapy for it. However, my little love is the most compassionate child. If he sees anyone, it doesn't even have to be me, he brings them a tissue and offers a hug. Then I start crying because he is too sweet. I always thought myself a bad mom. Until one day, he came up to me and said "You're the best mom." I even had a conversation with him about it, he kind of understands a little bit. He loves me unconditionally, just like his father and I love him unconditionally. It's an incredible feeling that a child that young can grasp these feelings. 

6. Don't Blink 

Yes, yes, yes, yes. I KNOW THIS NOW. I do. There are days where it feels like he was born a few weeks ago. But he's going to be six. Next year, seven. And it will progress as each year passes. Some days, I wished that my dad and stepdad were still here to watch him grow. But I know they see him and watch over him. We hope to give him a sibling at some point soon, but if it doesn't happen because of my body being stupid, then he is our one and only. We love him more than anything in this entire world. 

Syrus Voltaire Corter, you are our world, our son, our moon, our universe. You make us so, so happy. We love you more than you will ever know. Happiest of birthdays to you, my not-so-little love! I truly hope that your life is filled with everything you want. Chase your dreams, follow them. Believe in your self, love yourself. Never let anyone bully you. You are so special. 

Love, forever and always, 
Mom and Dad

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