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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Great Pretenders. I received free product for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Okay, sorry. Now I know that Bowie song is stuck in your head, too. But hey, guess what? For your child, becoming a superhero is now easier than ever with Great Pretenders! We were lucky enough to try out one of their products, a superhero costume, of course. It's Syrus, he's nearly six and loves superheroes. He and his dad even created his own persona, Sy-Man! Daddy even tells Syrus bedtime stories about the adventures of Sy-Man, and the next day, he can pretend play with his gorgeously made costume. Which, might I add, he wants to be his Halloween costume this year. Anyway, you've got to see this:

Sy-Man In Action

He was all ready to sock-em bop his daddy! Now, let me tell you, you know those superhero costumes that you find in the toy aisle in a big box store? These are nothing like those. Great Pretenders takes great pride in their products, and you can tell that in the incredible embroidery, stitching, details and more. Did you know that Syrus' outfit is entirely reversible, too? 


From blue to yellow faster than a speeding bullet! And yes, that is his father wearing one of the masks that came with the set. Hey, we're little kids at heart, too! I have to say, that I am pleasantly surprised at the skilled craftsmanship of his outfit. So many manufacturers these days do not take the time to actually make quality products. It's always quantity over quality. But not with Great Pretenders

The Overall Set

See what I am saying? Belt, wrist guards, cape and mask all come with the set! I really kind of adore watching Syrus playing in it, he has so much fun when he his wearing it. In fact, here is a picture of the crime-fighting duo before they went on their night prowl:

I actually can't sing the praises of Great Pretenders enough! It brings my son such great joy, which in turn, brings me great joy. I love his outfit, he loves his outfit, it is a total win-win. And he's using it as a Halloween costume? That's what I call a win-win-win! But anywho, I don't want you to think all they have is superhero outfits, they have other outfits for boys and girls, like their Medieval collection, or their Storybook Gowns, Princess Dresses, and of course, Fairy Dresses! There is truly someone for everyone when it comes to GreatPretenders! I urge you to check them out! Their outfits can make great gifts, or just because. 

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