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As a crafter, you understand how crucial lighting is to getting your purl stitch just right or in highlighting the flower blooms in your oil painting. Lighting influences the ways in which we interpret the meaning of an art piece, and if it’s off, we risk losing the message we’re trying to send.

Is there anything more embarrassing than giving a needle-pointed garment to a friend only to notice in the bright light of day that it has a missing stitch? Or what about when you learn your quilt’s stitching is crooked at your monthly quilters meeting? You’re not a beginner anymore, so how can you be making these mistakes? Simple answer is it’s the lighting. Limited vision limits our work. We can stop this, all we have to do is get the right kind of desk lamp.

Benefits of Crafting

Crafting has many benefits, including therapeutic. It has been found that crafting can help reduce stress and depression. Painting, writing or knitting (among other arts) helps us to set small goals for ourselves. In setting and accomplishing these goals we are challenging and bettering ourselves. Setting even the smallest goal helps us to set larger ones, and gives us the confidence to do more and more things outside of our comfort zone. But in order to do this, we need the right tools.

Task Lighting

If you dabble in arts and crafts, then you know that task lighting is your friend. Task lighting (unlike accent or ambient lighting) shines a bright, focused light on the activity you are concentrating on, or the “task at hand.” Luckily, lighting stores like Lumens sell desk lamps that offer the lighting you require for your work. Let’s look at four different varieties of task lighting lamps and how they can assist us in our writing, painting and crocheting.

Equo Gen 3 Desk Lamp—Koncept

Being a serious crafter, you want to make sure your projects are done well. You take pride in your work and you want to be happy with the end results of a project. Koncept’s Equo Gen 3 Desk Lamp is a vibrantly colored adjustable task light built with particular neck joints that allow for the head of the lamp to tilt when you move the arm up or down. Not only is this lamp adjustable, but you can control its light intensity just by sliding a finger over the lamp stem’s brightness control panel. With full control of the lighting, you can power up your project.

Berenice Large Table Task Lamp—Luceplan

Like the Equo Gen 3 Desk Lamp, the Berenice Large Table Task Lamp by Lucepan is an adjustable task lamp that features arm joint technology that supports 360° degree rotary movement. You can bring the light source in as close or as far away from your art project as you want. The lamp also doubles as a stylish statement piece in your studio or home office.

OttLite 24W Ultimate 3in1 Craft Lamp with Outlet—Ottlite Lighting

Ottlite Lighting’s 3in1 Craft Lamp features a flexible arm, clip and LED magnifier that will hold your watercolor, zoom in on your chosen plane area and light up your field of vision. The craft lamp also comes with an outlet to plug in your electric crafting tools or your iPod or other smart device to play music while you work.

Stella Sky Floor Lamp—Stella Lighting

Available in black or white, Stella Lighting’s Sky Floor Lamp sits at 12 inches. Excellent for sewing and needlepoint, the Stella Sky Floor Lamp has three different color lighting choices (cool, natural or warm) and is completely adjustable, allowing you to get your lighting as close to the stitch as it can get.

Finding a nice looking, functional task light doesn’t have to be hard. Now you can get your work done in style.

Note: This post was sponsored and written by Ariaa Reeds

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