10 Feels Moms Experience After School Starts | Jenngem
As you walk along the road, the leaves crunch under your feet. Those grey rainy days are much more beautiful with the colorful trees set against it, beginning their seasonal dance. There is no doubt that fall is here now and school is now in full swing. The kids are loving their new teacher and making new friends, but for us parents, it isn't so much fun. See why! 

1. It's Only The Second Day Of School, And A Fundraiser Already Comes Home

2. You're Asked To Be On The PTA

3. Picture Day, A Book Fair, Sports And Another Fundraiser Come Home At The Same Time.

4. Waking Up In The Morning Is Still Hard

5. Your Kid's Give You Very Specific Lunch Orders

6. Impromptu Half-Days (And You Still Have Work)

7. School Functions Where You Have To Dress Up

8. When The Bus Speeds Right Pass Your House

9. When You Don't Understand The Homework

10. When The Kids Are Finally In Bed
(And You Find Another Fundraiser In Their Backpack)

Cheers to another great school year!

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