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What an incredibly special time in your little girl's life, the day they take their First Communion! There will surely be lots of love in the church on that special day, along with happy tears and a glowing young lady wearing a lovely Communion dress. Here are three essentials to make sure the day goes off without a hitch! 

1. Rosary Beads

Rosary beads can make a beautiful and highly cherished First Communion gift. You can find all kinds of different rosaries, including those made from various different precious gems, metals, and even stones. Rosaries are a lovely gift that will be loved for years, and just maybe even passed down to the next generation of children making First Communion!

2. First Communion Dress

What better gift than the First Communion Dresses itself? Your beautiful little girl will adore picking out the dress that she loves most, and you can have it preserved after the ceremony and given to your daughter to keep, should she have daughters of her own, she may share her holy communion dress with them.

At MariaCommunion, your little girl can choose from a gorgeous array of different white communion dresses! From ballroom style to A-line dresses, there is something there for every little girl's taste in dresses! MariaCommunion's 2016 collection is absolutely incredible. I mean, just look at these dresses!

MariaCommunion takes communion dresses seriously. They create each dress with love. There is so much to choose from, too! From organza, to lace, to silk, satin and chiffon, there are a variety of different materials used to make these amazing dresses. If requested, a handmade custom dress can even be made to your specific specifications. There is no doubt that MariaCommunion is the online destination for First Holy Communion dresses.

3. A Bible

A bible is definitely an essential gift for any child in your life. They will surely be learning all kinds of scriptures and verses in their CCD classes! Having their very own bible will make them feel so special! And, it will help them in their studies, and help to guide their way through life, no matter what their age is. 

Note: This post was sponsored by MariaCommunion.

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