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Oh, fall, how I love thee. The crunch of the leaves underfoot, the beauty of the gorgeous trees, splashed with color all across the mountains, and of course, the crisp autumn air begins to sneak up on us. All of these make us fall in love with nature all over again, year after year. Along with fall comes some typical fruits and veggies, like an abundance of gourds, squashes, pumpkins and of course apples! 

One of our favorite family activities to do is drive up to our local orchard and pick apples from the highest of trees! My family loves it when I make my apple turnovers, which I will share the recipe for another day. For now, I would like to feature some incredible bloggers' recipes, ones that will leave your mouth watering for a delicious crunchy apple or two to make these treats yourself!


There is nothing better than a warm and delicious cookie right out of the oven after a long day outside, enjoyed with a nice tall glass of milk, is there?

Ultimate Soft Caramel Drop Cookies by The Baking Chocolatess

2. Caramel Apple Cookies via The Monday Box
3. Apples and Honey Cookies via The Monday Box
4. Ultimate Soft Caramel Apple Drop Cookies via The Baking Chocolatess


Oh, muffins, you tasty little temptresses, you! You're the cupcake's most delicious cousin, and we love you for that! 

Healthy Apple Cinnamon Muffins by Feeding Big
1. Apple Cinnamon Muffin Recipe via The Natural Homeschool
2. Healthy Apple Cinnamon Muffins via Feeding Big


Oh, delicious cakes! Better yet, delicious apple cakes! If fall had a taste, it would be these cakes! 

Honey Applesauce Cake by The Monday Box
1. Best Apple Cake via Moore or Less Cooking
3. Honey Applesauce Cake via The Monday Box
4. 3-2-1 Caramel Apple Cake via The Monday Box


Warm and delicious, pairs well with vanilla ice cream. These incredibly delectable pie recipes will leave your mouth watering!

Copycat McDonald's Apple Pie by Thrifty Jinxy

1. Foldover Apple Pie via Teressa Morris
2. Caramel Apple Pie via Thrifty Jinxy
3. Copycat McDonald's Apple Pie via Thrifty Jinxy


Delicious sauces! Caramel, apple, and even caramel apple! 

Apple Spiced Caramel Sauce by Culinary Ginger

1. Apple Pear Sauce via Wanna Bite
2. Apple Spiced Caramel Sauce via Culinary Ginger
3. Crockpot Applesauce via Wanna Bite 

Treats and Eats:

Various delicious meals and tasty snacks made with apples. 

Caramel Apple Slices by Domestically Blissful

1. Chocolate Covered Apple Cider Caramels via Living Sweet Moments
3. Apple Sandwiches via Thrifty Jinxy
4. Apple and Blackberry Crumble via Culinary Ginger
6. Caramel Apple Slices via Domestically Blissful
8. Maple Sweetened Apple Butter via Feeding Big
9. Apple Brownies via Thrifty T's Treasures
10. Apple Brown Betty via Ann's Entitled Life
11. Cinnamon Apple Bake With Orange Maple Syrup via Living Sweet Moments
12. Easy Apple Crisp Overnight Oats via Fearless Dining
13. How To Make Poison Apples via Wanna Bite
14. Awesome Country Apple Fritter Bread via Moore Or Less Cooking

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