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Children are truly a gift. A wonderful and incredible gift, one that could never be replaced, and is beyond precious. As we get older, we go into life thinking and dreaming about the day we become parents. We hope and pray that we can have a little bundle of joy of our own.

But sometimes just “winging it,” if you will, isn’t enough. There are different ways of tracking our ovulation, perhaps you mark it on the calendar, or you test your basal body temperature each morning, or even better, use an ovulation test. These are pretty accurate in figuring out the best day for trying to conceive.

Once you pinpoint the day that you will try to conceive, you may want to consider using an at home conception aid, such as the Stork OTC, to maximize your chances of becoming pregnant. Stork OTC is not like any other conception aid you may have used before. There aren’t any shots or medical visits included to use it!

When you're trying to get pregnant, it can be disappointing month after month to see a negative on a pregnancy test. But with Stork OTC, using cervical cap insemination, your chances of conception are increased by 20%! Starting or growing your family is a big deal, and you want to get to that point as fast as possible! If you are interested in acquiring a Stork OTC device for yourself, head over to your local CVS Pharmacy!

Guess what? You have your very own chance to win a Stork OTC kit for yourself, ovulation kits, or even a gift card to CVS worth $50 when you come on over and join the Stork OTC Twitter Party on September 28th at 8PM EST! Make sure you use the hashtag #WhyStorkOTC!

I am a Stork OTC Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

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