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So, as a parent, I know that my husband and I keep a vigilant eye on what our child watches. Sure, there are the run-of-the mill regular old cartoons, superheroes and the like. But every now and again, an unsuspecting Syrus stumbles upon something completely and totally weird. I mean out-of-this-word weird. Scary weird. I'm sure you know the ones that I'm talking about. I'm counting down the top five creepiest children's shows that I've seen over the course of my childhood and adult life so far.

1. Boobahs

Okay, so when I first saw this, I was legitimately traumatized. First off, these don't look anything remotely like anything I have ever seen in my entire life. They seem like Teletubbies, but uglier, and with a bad acid trip to accompany it. Scary stuff. Do not want. 

2. Larvae 

Okay, so this one isn't so much creepy as it is just plain weird. My kid loves this show. I'm on the fence. No, scratch that, I'm behind the fence with a taser. This cartoon tells of the adventures of two of what I assume to be "larvae"? This wouldn't even make this list if any character actually talked on the show. You have to guess what's going on. Oh, and there are a ton of fart jokes. So that's why my kid probably loves it. 

3. Weinerville

Okay, so apart from the rather, ahem, suggestive name they chose for this show, everything about it is just wrong. Just, everything. Look at it, just LOOK AT IT. No, just no. I'm gonna nope right out of here.

4. Dinosaurs

Okay, this was just awful to me as a child, and still is for me as an adult. I know it has become some sort of a cult classic cartoon, but I totally refuse to show it to my kid. I don't know, but these things, they were just scary as fuck to me. Also, I am the momma, and I say get the hell off my television.

5. Gumby

Ah, Gumby. Claymation. I have been horribly scared of Gumby since I was a small child. Now that I am an adult, it seems more like a bad acid trip than anything, but that's just my opinion. To this day, I can't watch anything with claymation, I just find it genuinely creepy. I mean, what is Gumby? Has anyone wondered that? Is he human? Is he an animal, or an alien?! 

That's all for now. But trust me on this there are plenty more children's shows out there that are creepy as hell. Netflix is a great place to find some! Do you know of any creepy children's shows? What are they? Drop them in the comments!

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