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This post was sponsored by Great Pretenders, however, however all opinions are my own. 

So, all of us parents probably know by now that Halloween is a mere two weeks from today, if by nothing else than answering our children everytime they wake up in the morning asking, "IS IT HALLOWEEN YET?" But the nights are getting darker earlier, the leaves are crunching underfoot, and it is that time of year again! Time where our little ones can dress up and become someone they've always wanted to be for a day! There are many costume companies out there, trust me on this, I've had to find various different costumes for my little man. But one of my absolute favorites is Great Pretenders

You may remember my previous post about Syrus and is "Sy-Man" persona that he created with his Great Pretenders reversible superhero costume! He had so much fun pretending that he was his very own character. That alone put a huge smile on my face. It's an incredible thing to watch your child play pretend, it really is. See?

But you know what? Great Pretenders isn't just for pretend playtime. They sell a wide variety of costumes, and your child can become whatever their little heart desires, whether it be a wizard, construction worker, or princess. Syrus decided that he wanted to be a fearless knight to protect the kingdom and the princess (me)! 
Sir Syrus The Great
I think the thing that I love about most of Great Pretenders costumes is that they are made with super-high quality materials, it isn't something that is going to rip with rough play, it is going to withstand the wear-and-tear children will no doubt put on clothing and costumes. But guess what? Just like his Sy-Man outfit, his knight costume is reversible, too! Actually, a lot of their costumes are! Check it out! Now he's totally a king defending his kingdom!

The material is so soft and so durable that you really cannot go wrong with these! Syrus has quite a few different Halloween events coming up soon like Trunk or Treat, a Halloween Spooktacular, School Parade, and of course, Halloween itself! He has an abundance of costumes to choose from, to say the least. 

He's all mixy and matchy here. He is a knight. A Jedi Knight! 
One other thing that I have to talk about when it comes to Great Pretenders is their color costumes. What do I mean by that? Well, they actually sell costumes that your little ones can costumize to become their very own. I'm not kidding! They offer up costumes that children can color in to make it their very own costume creation! Check it out below! 

Needless to say, Syrus is going to have a BLAST this Halloween, thanks to Great Pretenders! Whether he chooses to be a king or a knight, we'll just have to wait it out and see! Either way, I'm still totally the princess! 
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