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Some of you may remember my post from a long time ago about the things that children say. Same thing with my post about things my child says that will inevitably get me arrested. Kids say the weirdest things. They are still learning, and of course because of that, they don't understand what they're saying, that's the funny part. Here are some of the things that Syrus has said in this past month. 

1. We Made It By The Skin Of Our Teeth

Syrus seems to take things very literally. We were traveling somewhere, where we needed to be on time. But inevitably, as usual, there was traffic. When we finally get to said destination, we said "Phew, we just made it by the skin of our teeth." Immediately after this, Syrus starts feeling up his teeth freaking out touching them and asking "My teeth have skin?" We had to explain to him the expression. Funny nonetheless 

2. It's Like Pulling Out A Human Soul

So, we did the normal thing of pumpkin carving. Normally, Syrus has painted them, since we haven't let him use a knife. We tried for a butter knife this year, which didn't work so well. But of course, before doing said carving, we had to clean out the pumpkin. You can imagine my shock and surprise, well, really, nothing shocks me with this kid anymore, I swear. But anyway, he said, "It's just like pulling out a human soul." Woah. What now? Okayyy, enough Halloween for you, kid. 

3. Farting Is My Life

My kid is a typical boy, and I mean typical boy. He was walking around one day, with, might I add, very  bad gas. But he started singing a little ditty. It happened to be "Farting is my life, farting is my life." Alright Sy, sure it is. They grow out of this phase, right? Or do boys always stay this way? Anyone have any idea?

4. It's a Diaper!

You know how when you wrap up a snack in a napkin to transport it over to your child? Right. So I was doing that one day, maybe it was even in the car, I have no idea. However, I do remember that it was Goldfish. Anyway, wrapped up, I suppose to Syrus the napkin looked like a diaper and he said so, and went on to say how it was icky.

5. I'm In The Illuminati!

We were eating out a few days back, and it was a typical family dinner. When all of a sudden Sy makes the triangle symbol with his fingers and says "I'm in the illuminati!" We we're like huh? When did we induct him? Who inducted him? Does this secret society actually exist? According to six year-old Syrus, they do exist, and he is part of it!

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