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Conceiving a child is one of the most magical things that can happen to a family. Sadly, however, many couples struggle with infertility. Whether it be due to low sperm count, irregular menses, or something else, it can be a harrowing journey to become a parent, especially when you want it so very badly. But that is why there are products like Stork OTC out there on the market to help these couples conceive easier!

Take for example the story of Lauren and Nick. They had been trying to conceive a child for over two whole years. It had to be quite an experience for them to go through, not being able to conceive a child and not knowing why. They were trying so hard – so why wasn’t it happening for them?

That’s when the couple decided to start tracking Lauren’s ovulation and following that schedule. They used Stork OTC’s product and low and behold some good news finally arrived – they were pregnant, with twin girls, who both arrived at the end of 2015! They were over the moon about it! They are now a happy family of four, with two beautiful little girls to show for it, thanks to Stork OTC!

My husband and I, well, we’re having trouble conceiving. It isn’t something that I like to talk about too much, but it’s true. I want more than anything in this world to give my son a sibling, he wants one so badly. That is why we are using Stork OTC to try and increase our odds of conceiving. With Stork OTC, it gets a higher concentration of sperm into the cervix, thus increasing chances of conception and fertilization.

According to Harry Reich, MD, FACOG, FRCOG, “Three times the sperm value is quite significant for so many couples, especially with the growth of male factor infertility. Understanding the growing value of semen for successful conception, and having a technology like The Stork® OTC that can deliver more sperm to the cervix than natural intercourse, this at-home conception kit may greatly impact many couples on their path to building a family. The Stork OTC makes sense.”

Stork OTC is such a wonderful alternative to other methods like IVF, which can be incredibly expensive and draining on the family if it does not take. It is financially and emotionally draining on the family. New clinical research shows that Stork OTC Delivers 3.23x Higher Sperm Concentration to the Cervix Compared to Natural Intercourse! There’s even more good news to be told, too! As of this month, Stork OTC is now available at Walgreen’s stores, so it is quick and convenient for you to pick up!


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