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Some of you may or may not know that in addition to Corter Moon, I also run a website dedicated to helping others live a happy life in the face of chronic pain. It is called Positivity In Pain, and I have also written a book by the same name. My passion is absolutely helping others, no matter what it is. 

Positivity in Pain began with humble roots as a Fibromyalgia awareness page called Fibro Fighterz. Next year, it will be ten years of advocacy, projects and fundraisers! We've steadily built up our community, where it is more like a big old family! We have over 60,000 fans on our Facebook page, 2,500 on Twitter, 1,400 on Instagram, and the list goes on! We are dedicated to helping others live a positive and fulfilled life in spite of the chronic pain that they endure on a daily basis. 

WEGO Health is an online network comprised of 100k+ Health Activists. They have created the awards program to recognize the individuals who are making a difference in the online health community. We have been nominated for a WEGO Health Activist Award! It is a complete honor and joy to be nominated!

Endorsements have officially opened for the Fifth Annual WEGO Health Activist Awards. Time to celebrate the men and women who have empowered patients, supported your community and inspired you throughout your health journey!

There are 14 award categories, so don’t be shy- go ahead and start nominating your favorite bloggers, Tweeters, Facebook posters!  I of course ask for you support, but I hope you nominate all your favorite health activists. The whole online health community deserves to be celebrated!

So if you would, I ask you to please head on over to the nomination page today and endorse my page, Positivity In Pain, it takes just one minute! I promise!

(It's the purple button underneath the photo!) 


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