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13 DIY Parenting Life Hacks

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As parents, our lives can often feel like one big juggling act. From getting the kids out of bed in the morning and making sure they get to school on time, to work and home responsibilities, keeping the house clean, taking care of any pets, and whatever other responsibilities you may have, life can certainly get hectic. We welcome all of the help that we can get, wherever we can get it! That's why were loving these ingenious do-it-yourself life hacks that make our day-to-day life's just a little bit easier!

1. Magnetic Fridge Cups

It's pretty great when our little ones are old enough to be a little self-sufficient. For example, when they are old enough to get themselves something to drink, which means mom or dad aren't running back and forth to grab a drink every time the kid's are thirsty. Except for the fact that our darling little angels insist upon using cup after cup after cup, which quickly translates into a giant pile of dishes in the sink. One mom had finally decided that she had enough, and created these incredible magnetic refrigerator cups! You can easily make these for under $5, just by heading to your local dollar store and grabbing some magnets, a cup your child will like, and super glue!

2. Wrapping Paper Organizer

Raise your hand if you have a closet full of wrapping paper and all assortment of ribbons, tape and other gift-giving décor! Cut the clutter in the closet and organize all of those items permanently using a simple kitchen stool! All it takes is a sheet, a stool, 4 casters and some bias tape, and you've got yourself your very own rolling wrapping cart! The best part is, it's pretty stylish, too, and can easily meld with any home décor!

3. Clean Counters

There's a special feeling that one gets when everything is clean. It's a tranquil feeling, really. But accidents happen, juice is spilled, and the paper towels are nowhere to be found. Who took the roll this time? This smart and savvy hack assures that the paper towels are always at hand. Remove one of your kitchen drawers, and place a paper-towel roll in it. Voila! Now the paper towels are always at the ready, and aren't so easily removed from the scene!

4. Cone Cleanup

In the summertime, there's nothing better than sitting down to eat a deliciously creamy and cool ice cream cone. But let's be realistic, they're probably one of the messiest foods on earth. Even the most graceful of grown-ups can end up with the tasty treat on their hands, and kids? Well, that's a whole other story. By the time they're finished munching on their creamy confection, they start to look like the ice cream cone themselves! Next time, grab a few paper plates, cut a hole in the middle of them, and stick the cone in it. The plate will pick up any drippings and avoid a super-sticky mess!

5. Baby Basket

There's a time in a baby's life where they outgrow their baby bathtub, and the kitchen sink, too. But you don't want to put them directly into the big bathtub yet, either, lest they slip trying to grab a bath toy. So what can be done? We still have to bathe them. A large laundry basket within your bathtub will do the trick quite well, and will likely accommodate your little one for at least another year or more, until you're ready to bathe them in the big tub!

6. Rock That Recipe

We've all been there, in the kitchen, trying out a new recipe to serve at dinner, and we have to keep grabbing the recipe to figure out if we're doing it right. Eventually, we get our food-covered hands on it, and fingerprints and smears ensue. Next time you purchase a pair of pants or skirt at the store, save the hanger! They come in rather handy for holding recipes, and can easily be hung right onto your cabinets – so those little fingers won't be able to grab it, either!

7. Cool Crafts

If you're a crafter, or do a lot of DIY projects around the house, chances are you use twine or string of some sort, that are likely forever getting tangled up into balls. Create a little crafting station and store your twine and string by hanging up funnels on your wall! Simply thread the string through the bottom of the funnel, and you have yourself an easy-to-use stringing station!

8. Debug Your Drink

There is nothing worse than when you're outdoors, drink in hand and all of a sudden, you look down, and there's a bug in your drink. Talk about ick factor. Prevent it from every happening again with a cupcake liner. Cut a hole in the middle of the cupcake liner, put your straw through it, and place it on top of your glass. Now, nothing can get into your drink!

9. Kid's Art Station

If you've got a toddler, than you know that they can be rather serious, albeit cute, coloring book connoisseurs. That Marvel coloring book is in mint condition, I must have it in my collection! But after the thrill of getting a new one wears off, they usually get left somewhere around the house. By taking a dish-drying rack, you can easily create an impromptu art station for your little ones to go when they want to look through their coloring book collection!

10. The One Trip Trick

We've all been in the situation of trying to get all of those grocery bags into the house in one trip, espeically if no one else is home to watch the kids once you get in the house. If you have a carabiner clip lying around the house, now you know what to do with it! All of your bags will fit neatly on there, and you can get the kids and the groceries all into the house in one fell swoop! Mission accomplished.

11. Crib Desk

If you know that you won't be using the crib again, and the kids are getting a little older, try out this fun DIY project! It's a fun way to reuse the old crib, rather than throwing it out, and you can even get the kids involved by asking them how they want their new desk to be decorated! It can be used as a homework area, a kid's craft station, the possibilities are endless!

12. Auto Organization

As parents, we carry quite a few items with us when we travel anywhere, even to the grocery store. From diapers and wipes, to little toys, tissues, toothbrushes, you name it, we have it. The rule of thumb is that you can never be too prepared, and it's true. But instead of letting all those little items roll around in the back of your vehicle, use a clear plastic shoe organizer to house all the items!

13. You Shall Not Pass

Raise your hand if your family goes through way more toilet paper than they should. If you have little ones – and even older ones who use too much toilet paper, this is a great idea! Create a kind of measurement line and place it on the wall underneath the toilet paper roll. That way, when the TP is pulled down to that line, the kids will know that's how much they should use!

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