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It has been quite a while since we have done Kinderviews! For those of you who aren't familiar with Kinderviews, it's a series of interviews I do with my son, Syrus, throughout the year to see how he is growing and developing. It is a really fun way to see how he changes from one part of the year to another! So without further ado, I give you the holiday edition of Kinderviews!

Mom: So, you fairly recently had a birthday. How old did you turn?
Syrus: Six years old! 
Mom: Nice, nice. Good age to be! 
Syrus: Mom?
Mom: Yes?
Syrus: I like it when you interview me! 
Mom: I'm glad! I love doing it!

Mom: I heard you had a mock election in school. Who did you vote for?
Syrus: Hilary Clinton!
Mom: Good choice!
Mom: You also just wrapped up your soccer season, your fourth one already! How was it?
Syrus: I enjoyed it!
Mom: What was your team name?
Syrus: The Green Dragons! 
Mom: Ooh, I like it!

Mom: So what sport are you enjoying in your spare time?
Syrus: Basketball!
Mom: Neat!
Syrus: I also like building houses with sticks!
Mom: Hmm, interesting! Sounds like fun!
Mom: So are you excited for Thanksgiving?
Syrus: Yes! I am excited to be Thankful and eat food! I love turkey, cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes!
Mom: Those are all yummy foods!

Mom: So, let's talk about cookies. What are your favorites?
Syrus: Vanilla flavored!
Mom: Okay, what about your favorite game?
Syrus: Hungry Hungry Hippos!
Mom: I heard you recently became a Boy Scout! What do you like about it?
Syrus: I love having fun and helping people!
Mom: Aww, that's awesome!

Mom: Do you have a favorite song?
Syrus: I like the Mario song!
Mom: What about a movie?
Syrus: The Nightmare Before Christmas!
Mom: Speaking of Christmas, have you written to Santa? What did you ask him for?
Syrus: A chocolate maker! I want to be like Willy Wonka!
Mom: You know you've watched that movie like 30 times this year?
Syrus: Yup!
Mom: Winter is coming, what are you most excited about?
Syrus: Snow and Breakfast With Santa Claus!

Mom: So, the new year is coming. What are you most looking forward to?
Syrus: I'll be in second grade, and I will turn seven!
Mom: Finally, last but not least, do you have a favorite book you like to read during the holidays?
Syrus: Happiness Is A Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown. 
Mom: Nice, I like it. Thanks for the interview!

It is always fun to interview my child and see how he is growing and changing! He seems to enjoy answering the questions too! I will be doing another one when the New Year rolls around to see how he feels and what he has been up to! Stay tuned!

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