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Having a family is something that many people dream of. But sadly, fertility can be a problem for many families. However, it is not only the female that can have fertility problems, but for the men as well. Male infertility is on the rise lately, making it  hard for those who want families to not have them.

There have been many studies around male infertility and as to why it is happening. There are many reasons that males can become infertile, or unable to impregnate. One study has suggested that it could be a genetic defect. But research is still being done as to why. Approximately two-thirds of men suffer from male infertility.

Common issues that affect male infertility besides genetics can be low sperm count, and issues with sperm motility. Both of these would need to be evaluated by your doctor to see if you are affected by these issues.

It is always best to get checked out by your doctor to see if your testosterone levels are at their peak performance as well, and what could be causing male infertility. However Stork OTC is here to help. By using Stork OTC, couples can use the fertility aid to help mom become pregnant and begin a family. Plus, it is so easy to use.

StorkOTC is now available at Walgreens and CVS, so you can head over to either one and pick a Stork OTC kit right up! The device is easy to use and cervical cap insemination has up to a 20% success rate, as compared to Intrauterine Insemination, with only a 16%-21%. It also delivers 3.21 times more sperm to the cervix, as compared to natural intercourse.

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