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Do you know how beautiful a thing journaling truly is? Not only does it let us get our feelings out onto a piece of paper and out into the world, but it purges us of our feelings, thus making us feel better. There are so many things that you can journal about! You can journal about your day, how it made you feel, work, family life, your pets, there is so much out there to be written about. But not many journals make the cut. So many these days are poorly made and so mediocre. Here is where HollyJournals comes in.

HollyJournals is a monthly subscription box, and with each new month comes a brand new theme! I was lucky enough to be able to review A HollyJournals box, and I am so excited to share with you what treasures lie inside the box! I will tell you right now, it is one of the most thoughtfully put together boxes I have ever had the pleasure of reviewing!

Let's start, with, well, the journal! Take a look inside this beauty!

How beautiful is that? And the sentiment on the front, I immediately fell in love with it. Now let's take a look inside the journal!

I was immediately drawn to this, as each journal is handmade and crafted with love, by Holly herself. There are so many different pages, I think it's hard to choose which one to write on first! Now onto the goodies - yes, there are goodies in the HollyJournal box!

First we have this gorgeous snowflake ornament that I immediately hung on our tree!

Next, we have "journal jewelry." Now, what is journal jewelry, you may ask? It is a really awesome concept! It is a piece of jewelry that clips onto your journal, making it even more beautiful, if that were even possible!

How incredible is that? It is so detailed and so very intricate! These handmade charms make each journal all the more special, whether you are keeping it, or gifting it to someone else.

Not only is there journal jewelry, but there is also an incredibly gorgeous necklace, a diffuser necklace, no less. It even came with peppermint oil, so I can smell all like the holidays! Take a peek!

Next, we have pens of course, you can't write without pens! Just look at these awesome pens! I fell in love with the one that looks like it has little diamonds in it!

I am a pen and notebook/journal fanatic as most of you already know, so when I saw these pens and the journal I was over the moon about them! The box even comes with prompts, for when and if you are having writer's block, you have something that you can write about! How neat is that?

Last, but most certainly not least, is an embellishment package! It comes with all sorts of goodies that you can embellish your journal with, like little tags, paper clips, stickers, tags, and other fun things for your journal!

And at the end, she even included little candy sticks, which my son is totally going to snag, I'm sure. 

All in all, saying that I am very pleased with this box is an understatement. As I stated earlier, this box contains not only handmade goods, that take the time and effort of another person, but it is so thoughtfully prepared and packed that I believe that this box would make not only a great treat for yourself, but a phenomenal gift for anyone who loves to write.

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