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That magical month will soon be here again--February! Where everyplace you go, almost everything is decked out in pinks and reds, and giant candy hearts and oversized teddy bears will profess their love for you. But most of us don't have a lot of money to spoil our honey. Not a problem! You can still create an awesome Valentine's day celebration on a budget! 

Create A Card

You don't have to go out to a greeting card store and drop seven or eight dollars on a card that most likely a thousand other people will be getting the same day. Make your own card for your sweetie. Use materials that you already have on hand; paper, buttons, photos, markers. Whatever that your mind can come up with! Got any really cute photos of the two of you together? Incorporate them into the card. It doesn't have to be perfect--make it unique to your relationship! Package it up nice, and boom! This will be sure to bring a smile to your sweeties face. 

Recreate How/Where You Met

So where exactly did you and your signifigant other meet? Did you meet through work?  On the internet, perhaps? Or was it in a coffee shop? No matter where it was, sit down and think about some creative ways that you can kind of re-stage that. It is something cute and unexpected. Say for instance, you met on the internet, or perhaps at work--try this: send your love an e-mail, or perhaps write a little love note and leave it on their desktop. If you met in a coffee shop, brew up two cups of coffee and turn on some indie music, then just chill out and relax with each other! Again, use your creativity and imagination, I bet you'd be surprised at the ideas that you come up with!

Frugal But Fun Dates

You don't have to spend alot of green to have a lot of fun. Throw on your coats and head outdoors! Hold hands and take a walk and enjoy the beauty that is Winter. Not diggin' the cold? Stay inside, make some sandwiches and snacks, grab a blanket and throw it on the living room floor. Voila! An indoor picnic for two! How about a movie night? Pick out a few movies you and your sweetheart love to watch together and grab that blanket off the floor! Snuggle with each other, and enjoy. 


Here's an activity that gets you two close (depending on how small your kitchen is!). Cook up some dinner together! Dig through the cupboards, and figure out a meal that you both like. Grab a few candles, fold up the napkins all fancy, and all of those bistros and cafes have nothing on you and your sweetie!

By following these tips, you and your love will be sure to have a wonderful (and inexpensive) Valentine's Day. Now that's pretty sweet. 

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