5 Ways I'm Gonna Rock 2017 | Jenngem
I will have to admit that I have never done one of these posts before. I always was afraid of creating a word, creating a situation for myself, where I would set myself up for failure. I was afraid of a self-fulfilling prophecy. But then I realized that this is one of the things that I can address in my words for 2017. So, what is my word? Well, I have more than one...


There is so much that I want to be determined about. I am determined to work on being a more outgoing person. I'm determined to be less emotional about things, and actually think about situations before I react. I'm determined to get my family back together. And I'm determined to work on this blog and work, work, work it. Most of all, I am determined to be the best mom I can be to Syrus.


I want to chase more exciting opportunities. I do not want to say 'no' so much. I will not let my anxiety control me. I will be more of a 'yes' person. I am going to find more things to do. I am going to try new things. I will try that new food, I will go to that place. Most importantly, I SHALL SAY I WILL. 


I have to admit that between my mental illness diagnoses, I have lacked motivation, for really anything, for quite some time now. I want this to be the year that I actually get things done. That even included calling doctors. I'm already rocking the motivational vibe, I have an appointment on Valentine's day for pain management, so fingers crossed there. Maybe this will be my year. 


A lot of you already know that I also run Positivity In Pain, a place for people with chronic illness to go and be uplifted. I want to grow it so much more in 2017. I want to inspire people to be more positive and live a more happy life despite the challenges that their chronic illnesses may throw at them. Here's to growing it even more this year, our "PiP" family is growing exponentially!


I have this bad habit that I want to break this year. I end up starting projects, getting really excited about them, and then they fall by the wayside. I am going to stop doing that this year. I vow to finish the things and the projects that I have started. I have to set a good example for my son, after all. 

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