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Sure, there are jobs, tasks, chores and other things to be done, but every once in a while, I believe that it is necessary to put it all aside and look at life from a new perspective. Find something good in each new day. If you feel yourself slipping into a bad mood, try taking some deep breaths and going for a short walk. You'll find yourself enjoying the little moments a little bit more afterwards. Something for me that grounds me always? Is a hug from my son.

I honestly and truly never knew how much a hug could mean to me until my son came along. Sure, I will steal hugs from him, but he is getting to be at that age where he doesn't want me to hug him unless it's of his own accord. A six year-old acting like a teenager, who knew? But nothing is better, nothing feels more special in the whole entire world than when he comes running up to me to give me one of his "tackle" hugs, yelling "I love you, mommy!" "You're the best!" Even though sometimes I may not feel like the "best mom," he seems to think I am. 

One thing I have to admit is that when I first found out that I was pregnant with my little guy, I was scared to death. I'm sure that's nothing new for any first time mom. But I had moments of doubt where I legitimately freaked out and told my then fiance that I didn't think I could do it. How could I be a mom? Me? There was no way. All of that ended up changing a few weeks later when I first heard the little "thump-thump" of his heartbeat. This was a life that my husband and I created. A life. In our hands.

Again with the getting off track, very bad habit of mine. Being present and in the moment is a valuable thing to learn. When it gets particularly stressful, take a moment to "ground yourself," Focus on something that is around you, is it your feet on the floor? That clock on the wall? This is something I learned a few years back, and honestly it is one of the most valuable tools I have ever learned to use. Be present, be there, enjoy the little things, the smallest of moments. They are after all, what count the most.

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