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Kids inevitably grow up. It is just a fact of life. One I've yet to accept, but a fact of life, nonetheless. Our little babies go from infants to teetering toddlers to cute kindergartners to oh my God what they are in first grade already? That's the stage I'm currently at. Of course with age, comes distancing themselves from their parents, you know, the waving off of the hugs, the wiping off of the kisses. You guys know how it goes. Or you will...mwahaha. Anyway. I came up with four different ways that you can still be close to your kids and have fun while you're at it.

1. Choose A DIY Project

Oh my gosh, the internet is such an incredible thing. It really is. The blogging world, even more so. There are a plethora of different things out there that you and your kids can do together, from painting, to making your own slime, to creating your very own dress up accessories. The sky really is the limit here, people. Find something that your child likes and run with it, even put your own spin on it!

2. Start Your Own Book Club

That's right! Does your little one, or, well, not so little one like to read? Why not start a book club? It could be so much fun sitting down each week reading a book and then coming up with activities to discuss what the book was about, how they liked it, what they liked about it, if they would like to read similar books, etc.

3. Make Up Your Own Games

Does your child love games? But are they tired of the old boring ones that have been played over and over and over? Why not sit down with your child and come up with their very own game! They'll love that they get to make up the rules, what has to be done to win, and even creating a game board if it is a board game! This could be a totally fun project for everyone to get in on!

4. Get Physical 

If it isn't blustery winter outside, and spring is nigh, why not get outside together? Find out what your child likes to do! Perhaps they enjoy roller-blading, or kicking a soccer ball around, shooting some hoops or going for a bike ride, or even just  a nice leisurely walk is great. Doing these together can bring you two closer!

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