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There is something special about hanging out with your significant other without the stress of fancy restaurants and high priced wines. As moms and dads, we need to be frugal, but still have fun!  Dates can be just as intimate and fun without the high price tag. Next time you and your honey want to have a date night, try some of these ideas!

Be A Bookish Couple 

If you and your sweetheart enjoy reading, one great idea for an inexpensive or even potentially free date idea is to head out to your local bookstore (no one says you have to purchase anything). Take a stroll hand in hand down the aisles of books and share with each other which ones are your favorites. Or grab a humorous book, or a book of jokes and find a seat and take turns reading jokes to each other. If either of you happen to see a book that you enjoy, try going to your local library and seeing if it's there, if it is, check it out! No money spent! 

Play [Coffee]house

Have a date at a coffeehouse...in your own kitchen! Break out the coffee maker, some yummy creamer and pop in some indie tunes and you have yourself a coffeehouse date! Pull up a chair next to your sugar and chill out to the music. 

Game On

Do you or your cutie own a home video gaming system of any sort? 
Challenge 'em to a game! Make it fun, too! Imagine up a prize, like winner gets a massage, or loser cooks dinner, something fun, yet silly! Your lovely love will surely love it!

Get Crafty!

Reminiscent of grade school, this is a fun activity! Break out the construction paper and markers! Make little cards! Write little notes to each other and slip them into little handmade cards. Make it even more fun by hiding the little cards around the house for each other to find. 

Dates for Dollars

Hop in the car and drive on down to your local dollar/discount store. Peruse the aisles, and each of you pick out a little trinket for each other, and then later on in the day exchange them. Put the trinket your love got for you in a special but visible place, so when your honey isn't around, you'll be able to take a look at it and it will make you smile. 

There are many other inexpensive ways to enjoy spending time with your love. All it takes is a little creativity. 

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