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You know what I'm talking about, right? It's that time of the year again, where it is still too cold to go outside because of the gusty winds blowing right in your child's face (we don't want ear infections), and you're running out of ideas to do inside the house (after all, there are only so many slime recipes and science experiments out there). So what's a mom to do? We're at the tail end of February, and they say March comes "in like a lion and out like a lamb," so if that is any indicator, we're going to have a lot more days like this until warmer weather arrives. Let's hope we don't go crazy, what with our little lions and lambs and what they have to say! 

Mom, I'm Bored:

And You Look Around At All Their Toys Like: 

You Start Talking To Them, All They Hear Is:

You Ask If They Want To Play A Game:

Say Fine, Don't Do Anything, Inevitable Sulking Occurs

They Quip, But That's Not Fair And Inside You're:

So You Offer Them Some Options, Like Helping You Clean:

Their Answer Is, Of Course: 

Okay, So What Do YOU Want To Do?

Of course. Eventually they do find something to occupy themselves, just like eventually spring does pop up right when we don't expect it. It's just a matter of keeping our little ones entertained until the warmer weather does come around. Then it's bikes, trampolines, running and screaming and all that fun outdoorsy stuff again! I personally can't wait! How's the weather where you are? 

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