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In this world today, we all know the importance of stretching our dollars as far as they will go. We spend most of our hard-earned money on necessities of life, and rarely do we have enough left over to do something nice for ourselves. So is it really possible to feel fabulous and pamper yourself while living frugal? All signs point to yes! There are quite a few ways to cut corners, and make yourself feel fabulous without spending a ton of dough. By following these few tips below, you'll be on your way to your very own "spa day" in no time!

Free Yourself

There are so many companies that often offer free samples or trial sizes of their products. These are perfect for your very own spa day. Hair care, skin care, shampoos, conditioners, nail polish, teas, there is so much out there! The internet is an invaluable tool when it comes to hunting for freebies. Sometimes companies will even run sweepstakes and contests where you might be able to score a full-size version of their product for free. To start your freebie search, I recommend heading over to your search engine of choice, and plugging in "freebies", "free samples" or "free stuff", and scope out the websites that come up from your search. Also, if you have a favorite beauty product of your own, try going to their website and searching around, they may have a section where they might be giving away free samples. When your free samples start rolling in, place them aside, in your very own "spa day" basket.

Find A Day

Choose a day when you have free time, or after the kids are in bed. Put some time aside for yourself and pamper yourself with all the new goodies you've gotten! The great thing about free samples are also the fact that you get to try a new product without any cost to you, and if you like it, then maybe you've just found your new favorite shampoo! If not, then no harm, no foul. Even if you're not into the idea of a "spa night", still collecting all those free beauty samples and putting them into a basket make a wonderful gift idea!


It is so important to take care of ourselves! Especially as parents! Even if you're not a parent, self-care is integral to a positive lifestyle. This time of year, especially, because it of the weather being all grey and drab, you can be inside beauty-fying it all up! Why not even get the gals over for a day of fun, giggles and pampering! And with all of those awesome samples, you can make up little gift baskets to send home with them!

Whether or not it is for yourself or for somebody else, treating yourself or a friend to a wonderful and indulgent day of pampering will be very relaxing, not only for you or your friend-but for your wallet as well.

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