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Approximately 70% of the United States population takes one or more prescription medication. No matter what it is, we all know that prescriptions can be very expensive when it comes to paying for them. Over 400 billion dollars to be exact. That is approximately $1,300 per person, per year. Can you imagine exactly what you can do with that extra cash? Can someone say vacation? That purse you've been eyeing up? There is a lot you can do with that extra cash!

Sure, there are discount prescription cards out there, but how much do they really save you? When it comes to searching for the best price for your prescription medications, SearchRx will be your best pal. With prescription prices skyrocketing each year, and ridiculously high deductibles, you'll be able to find a great price when you use SearchRx. It’s a free service that allows you to save up to 75% on most prescriptions, no strings attached. 

All too often, we tend to find out the price of our medication only after we fill the medication, meaning we have to pay the price, since we've filled it. SearchRx helps you out by finding the best price for your medication before you fill your medication. They will share the best prices with you for the medication that you need at any pharmacy. Thus, helping us save money and time searching for the best price ourselves.

As someone living with a chronic illness myself, I am going to be using this, no doubt. You can you save over 75% of most prescription medications, at over 62,000 pharmacies. That is a lot of pharmacies, and a ton of medications! And with all the medication that I am on, which is a lot, trust me, this is going to be a valuable tool to me and other chronic illness patients for certain.

SearchRx is easy to use! And it is 100% free! They have a relationship with a leading benefit manager and that gives them access to the best discount prescription prices out there! When you show the coupons they find you at the pharmacy, users lock in a discount when it comes to their medication, and it's even possible to beat your copays! Now, how incredible would that be?! No matter what kind of coverage you may have, anyone can use SearchRx!

Also check out SingleCare, a similar service, which also offers discounts on prescriptions, but also on dental, vision and even video doctors visits!

You can also download SearchRx's application for Google Play and Apple!
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