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Despite the fact that it doesn't seem it, I really am a girly-girl when it comes to makeup. I have a makeup carrier that can barely hold all of my things! From foundations to concealers, to eyeshadows and liners, I love it all, ever little bit of it. I may not dress up often, but when I do, I go all out. So when I was offered a NoMakeup NoLife box to review, I was SO excited!

I learned that NoMakeupNoLife is a "popular phrase heard in Japan by people who believe that makeup is essential to their lives." I found that really interesting. And how the nomakeupnolife box wanted to build upon that! Anyway, lets get to the awesome goodies found in their February box!

Look at all that fun stuff! I just cannot wait to jump into it and start using it! Let's break it down bit by bit:

How fun do these look? What are they you ask? They are Hello Kitty Sakura Facial masks! When you are ready to pamper yourself just pull out one of the eight masks that come in this pack and put it on! They contain sakura extract, tea extract and hyaluronic acid to help to moisturize your skin! So cute, so fun! 

This is the Zawachin x Noyl eyeshadow palette! Look at all of those gorgeous colors, one to go with any outfit, any day of the week! I'm personally digging on those greens over in the right hand corner! Look how gorgeous they are! Anywho Zawachin is a popular television personality who has also made a name for herself by impersonating celebrities. She teamed up with Noyl to create a variety of different eyeshadows. How cool is that?

Who here loved Sailor Moon as a kid? Can I get a WOOT WOOT? I did! So did my sister, so I know that she'll just flip when she sees these eyelashes! These Sailor Moon false eyelashes are adorable and come witha  cute storage case which can also even double as a pill case or even to store small items! Yay! 

This is a sakura facial soap bar. Made with sakura leaf extract, it is supposed to help with skin troubles and prevent skin dryness. Fragrant and lovely, this soap will wash your worries away. 

Isn't this handcream just adorable? I absolutely adore it! And it is green apple scented! How appropriate with spring on it's way! With it's cute little carrying case, you can take it wherever you go! Next to it is Dolly Wink, the eyelash glue to go with your awesome Sailor Moon eyelashes! 

All in all, I am totally excited and over the moon about this box! It is amazing and it's contents are adorable and lovely. It is defnitely something I would consider purchasing in the future! 

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