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Life is so hectic these days that even when we’re not really doing anything we’re busy. We’re constantly tapping on our desks, twirling our hair, biting our nails or exhibiting some other form of the fidgets.
This fidgety phenomenon has led to a blossoming market for stress-relieving gadgets, toys, and apps. Here are few of the best contraptions for those of us who just can seem to sit still.

Fidget Cube
There’s perhaps no better testament to the pervasiveness of the fidgets than the Fidget Cube. This little gadget raised $6.4 million on Kickstarter, making it one of the site’s most funded projects ever.
Each side of the cube features a different button, joystick or some other item to fiddle with. None of the buttons actually do anything, and the device isn’t battery-powered or connected to the Internet. Still this little low-tech has become a supremely popular desktop companion. You can get one here.

WellBe Wellness Band
This device looks like one of the popular wrist-worn fitness trackers, but it’s designed specifically with wellness and stress in mind.
The WellBe monitors your heart rate throughout the day. The WellBe App presents the data the devices collects in an easy-to-read format so that you can figure out what triggers high-stress levels.
It then suggests ways for you to deal with your stress, such as focused breathing and meditation. You can learn more on their website.

Coloring Book App
Coloring books for adults have become popular recently as a way to relieve stress and express creativity. Now, you can color anywhere on your smartphone app.
The Android app Coloring Book for Me offers various pictures and more than 25 color palettes. You can even add editing effects after you’ve colored in your masterpiece. Click here to get the app.

Shiatsu Massager
Massages are one of the classic ways that people relieve stress. Purchasing your very own Shiatsu Massager allows you to work out that pesky know anytime.
This Shiatsu massager applies heat and allows you to choose between a deep kneading massage or a light vibration massage. Whichever you decide on, it’s sure to help your whole body relax, as well as your mind. Check it out here.

Meditation is something of an ancient tradition, but people still use it today to help them manage stress and live happier lives, among other things. Meditation and mindfulness have recently begun to break into the mainstream. Headspace helps make it more accessible through the use of technology.
The Headspace app offers a free 10-day trial that will teach you the basics of mindfulness meditation. A paid subscription gives you access to a wide range of activities that can help relieve stress and make you more focused. Learn more here.
Whatever form of the fidgets you have, one of these relaxing gadgets, toys or apps may be able to help. Even if you don’t fidget excessively, you may find that they help you lead a calmer and happier life.

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