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“Mummy, what does my name mean?” asks a curious little child at bedtime. Here
begins ‘The Magic of my Name’, a children’s book created by The Story Tailors, a
Barcelona start‐up company whose aim is to turn children’s dreams into reality."

What, exactly, is in a name? There is a special uniqueness to it, magic, and it makes up part of our identity! Our names our so special! Whether you've got a Jacob, an Emily, Joseph, Lily or a Syrus, their name is special, just like they are! Well, there is a company out there that believes that, too! The Story Tailors are all about making little ones feel special with their incredible book The Magic Of My Name.

The book, in and of itself is a beauty. It is hardcover and very sturdy, which will make it a keepsake for many years to come for your child. Second, the graphics in the book are absolutely out of this world! I love the way that the vivid illustrations bring the story to life! When customizing your book, you can even choose a character that resembles your child, so I chose one that looked like Syrus!

When your little one sees this book arrive at your doorstep, they will surely squeal with joy. My son got so very excited when he saw the book that he wanted to read it right then and there, before his homework! I told him I would read it to him that night before bed, which we did. You should have seen his eyes light up as each letter of his name was given a meaning and read aloud to him!

The best thing about these books is that you can customize everything, from the introduction of the book, to the name of your child, and like I said above, to the gender and look of the character that resembles your little one. They will fall in love with it the minute they see it! 

Who Are The Story Tailors? 

"Founded in 2015 in Barcelona, The Story Tailors is formed by a team of professionals with
wealth of experience in creating children’s cartoons. Its mission is to create stories that
are both magical and moving, sparking an interest for reading and giving parents
something that is both educational and entertaining for the little ones in the house."

Orders can be made via the website! The
book is available in Spanish, German, English, French, Italian, Dutch and Catalan! Go check them out! The Magic Of My Name would make the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, baptisms, and any other special occasion, or even "just because!"

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