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For anyone who loves animals, following social media accounts with cute pictures and funny gifs simply doesn’t cut the muster after six months’ time. For people who are unable to have a pup or kit-cat of their own due to whatever circumstances, be it allergies, income or a ‘no pets’ rental policy (what swine!), even watching videos on Instagram doesn’t suffice after a while. Sure, listening to puppies learn to howl for the first time is so precious, but aren’t there other ways to get to know them? Can’t you learn more about who they are?

Guess what? You can! There are proud pet parents out there who have dedicated a small corner of the internet to the darling blossom that is their four-legged child.

Without further ado, here are four pet blogs that will educate you on pet ownership, introduce you to puppy pampering and shower you with precious kitten pounces!

The Kitten Academy
With the slogan, “Where kittens learn to cat,” it’s not hard to see that the people behind The Kitten Academy blog and livestream are ardent feline supporters. Working as kitten foster parents, couple DJ and Mr. A shelter, feed and love mama cats and their litter and help them thrive. Working with a local animal shelter, Mr. A and DJ, along with their feline faculty help kittens learn all about what it is to be a cat. Understanding that millions of animals are put down every year due to shelter overflows, the founders of the Kitten Academy take these little loves of fur and house them until they are placed in their forever homes.

Excellent watching for the pet deprived, the Kitten Academy’s 24/7 livestream shows viewers what it takes to be cat: there’s lots of romping, jumping, spinning and napping!

Hot Dog Collars Blog
If you’re thinking about adopting a new pup or senior doggo, the Hot Dog Collars blog is just the ticket. A one-stop-shop that features helpful canine ownership advice and all of the latest doggie accessories (including collars, treats and beds!), you are given the tools to help your pup be the best pup he can. Articles featured on the blog include the 411 on crate training, how to help your dog with separation anxiety, how to choose a name that best reflects the personality of your pup and so on.

Playfully biting and fun to read, the Hot Dog Collars blog gives you all of the advice you need to be a strong leader for your faithful pooch.

Pearl. The. Poi. Puppy
Not everyone has the time to sit and read, even when it comes to a blog article. Sometimes, the best way to life your spirits after a hard day is simply looking at cute pictures and watching videos of dogs sniffing at the air or learning how to climb a set of stairs.

For animal lovers who love learning about pets who have defied the odds, the Instagram account Pearl. The. Poi. Puppy follows a blind and deaf rescue dog who is learning, well, how to dog! With pictures and videos of Pearl capering about the yard with members of her pack, it’s clear that Pearl is loved. With a mama who is helping her to conquer her fears (stairs!) and pupper siblings that treat her like one of their own, this differently-abled pup can melt even the coldest of hearts!

Irresistible Pets
Created by a Chihuahua owner who was unhappy in her day job and felt guilty being what she thought was an absent puppy parent, pet blogger Aimee decided that enough was enough: she was going to pursue her true passions: puppy parenting and writing.

Nearly a decade later, Aimee has created a blog dedicated to all things pets. With posts dedicated to pet-centric DIY projects and family planning, including how to introduce your pup to their new human sibling, the Irresistible Pets blog combines a positive sense of humor with friendly personal anecdotes. Aimee’s love for her pup and her craft jump right off the page (or rather the screen!) and shows you what it is to be a responsible and loving doggie parent.

if you don’t have a pet to call your own, you can live vicariously through the writers and photographers of the above social accounts; all you have to do is click to follow!

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