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We all have goals and dreams and hopes that we want to attain. Each and every one of us do. Even if we don't realize it quite yet. Sometimes we need a little help or a little push along the way, and that is where Accomplish Box comes in!

I totally fell in love with the color of the box. It's just beautiful, isn't it? I couldn't wait to dive in and check out what was inside! 

Look at all of the amazing stuff that is in there! Alright, so let's dive right in! 

First, there was this beautiful water bottle! I absolutely love the quote on the front! When it comes to our dreams and goals, we've gotta hustle, we've got to work for them! I'm reminded of that everytime I look at this water bottle!

These were most adorable! I'd never seen them before in my life! I love the whole
"It's Tender for Tending" mantra. How cute are they? Each coin you plant sprouts something totally different! So my Sy and I each planted some coins, and we'll see how they do! It felt good to do something nice for the earth!

I must admit, between being ill and all, I haven't had much chance at using this yet. But it looks so neat doesn't it? I can't wait to give it a try! I especially want to see my son's face when we do it!

This book is absolutely beautiful. It is inspiring in the way that it asks how one can make a difference in the world, in their lives. I can't say enough good things about this book. I am definitely keeping it on my bookshelf for a good long time. Overall, it is inspirational and a celebration of the most important 

Finally, there was this absolutely beautiful journal in the box. I absolutely adore the quote on the front of it, and I think it is gorgeous. I love to hand-write things, so this is perfect for me, now I won't have to keep buying hundreds of notebooks! I think I will make this my joys and victories journal!

Overall, Accomplish Box is something that is amazing to me. I absolutely fell in love with it. And I feel like a boss now! I highly recommend it to anybody who, no, scratch that, I recommend it to everybody!
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