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On Fidget Spinners

in , , , , , by JLynnCorter, 5/28/2017
Ah, schoolyard fun. Playgrounds, hopscotch and foursquare, good old physical activity, and fidget spinners on everyone's fingers. 

Wait, what? 

Yup, I believe this is the fad of 2017. It has to be. What started out as an innocent contraption to help others concentrate has turned into the biggest trend of the year. I mean, these things are everywhere. 

I mean, you can't walk into a place without seeing signs saying "Yes, we sell fidget spinners." 

And these things come in ALL kinds of colors, shapes and sizes. 

People have even taken to making their very own fidget spinners. 

Ranging from pretty simple...

To slightly more intricate...

But some schools aren't very keen on these spinners, banning them.

Boy, the fun we could have had with these when we were kids! But instead, these were our fidget spinners...

And of course...

I'm totally not judging, just making observations. Because my son, of course, owns one. He loves the hell out of it. But we have the stipulation that it stays at home, no matter what. But anyhow, who else thinks the beaches are going to be littered with these things by the end of the summer? *raises hand* 
Like all fads, these will likely die out, just as fads do, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Does your child have a fidget spinner?

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