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Oh, our little ones! We love them so. There is no doubt that there is a pile of toys in the house somewhere, whether it be in the living room, a playroom or their bedroom, there are inevitably some toys that in the beginning when first received are fun to play with. It's all fun and games until someone loses the pieces to said toy. You search high and low, over and under, you wrack your brain trying to think of places where these pieces could've gone. But the search is futile, until one day, you stick your hand in the cushions of your couch and pull out the missing piece. What are some of these toys you ask?

1. Nerf Darts

Oh my goodness, how my son loves his Nerf guns. He has a blast with them. But in retrospect, I should've gotten him a super soaker. You can't lose water, which is Super Soaker's ammo. But Nerf darts? Oh, that is a totally different story. Those suckers are masters at hiding. You could've sworn it was stuck to that railing two seconds earlier, so where the hell did it go? 

2. Lego Pieces

Oh, Lord. You haven't been properly christened until you've stepped on a Lego in the middle of the night after getting up to use the restroom. Holy mother-of-pearl, those things hurt. You can feel the sting of tears come to your eyes when your foot makes contact. Everything gets blurry. Not really, but they sure aren't pleasant to find with your feet. What's even worse is a screaming toddler yelling in your ear because they lost a piece, the one piece they need to finish their little Lego village. 

3. Barbie Shoes

Ah, Barbie! The legendary doll that little girls (and boys!) around the world love to play with. She is quite the fashionable and trendsetting lady, too. Have you seen her clothes? How about her shoes? No, really, have you seen her shoes? This outfit just needs those black and white polka dot shoes to complete it! Otherwise she looks like a total mess! Mom, find it please! Once again, we likely will not find it until the middle of the night, on the stairway, with our barefoot, when Barbie's heel stabs us right in the arch of our foot. 

4. Play-Doh

Play-Doh is quite possibly one of the most enjoyable activities to play with your child. You get to see their creativity and artistic side, and you too can play with the colorful substances. It's so much fun! Until five minutes later when our little one's get bored and walk away. But they forget they're carrying a piece of Play-Doh, and they inevitably put it down somewhere. Somewhere that you won't find it for oh, say maybe six months or so down the road, when it's all icky and hardened. First, you recoil, wondering what that is underneath your sweet pea's bed, then you flashback to that rainy Play-Doh day. 

5. Shopkins

I feel like toy companies are out to get us parents as of lately. Why, you ask? Let's take the latest craze of Shopkins, for instance. Do you see how tiny these things are? Yes, it is totally adorable that our kids love to collect each new wave of these things, until they start to lose them, and the tears ensue. These things are so tiny, that it would be hard not to lose them! 

What are some of the toys that your children have lost and you have found - with your foot or otherwise? 

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