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Can you believe that it is that special time of year again? Bell ringers around every corner, holiday music blaring throughout the department stores, it's the holiday season all over again! This year sure went by fast enough, didn't it? As moms and dads, it can feel like you're going crazy trying to find this, that and something for your great aunt Gertrude. Let's add some levity to the season and let me walk you through what it's like during the holiday season!

We Plan Out Everything Meticulously

We Have To Get The Tree!

Don't Forget To Grab The Wrapping Paper! 

And The TAPE! We Can't Forget The Tape!

The Kids Are Getting Excited For Santa

Soon It's Time To Shop!

Everything Seems To Be Going According To Plan

Then, It's Time To Wrap The Presents

And The Wrapping Chaos Begins...

We Have To Stuff Stockings...

And Be Jolly

But At The End Of The Season We're Like

But It's All Worth It On That Special Morning

So here's wishing you and yours a happy, holly, jolly holiday season from Corter Moon!

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