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There is nothing more depressing than looking out the window to a gray and rainy freezing cold day. It of course means, that unless you absolutely have to go out, you’re staying inside at all costs. Seriously, no matter how many layers you put on, you're gonna freeze.

Oh, and don't even get me started on cold noses. Ugh. The worst. Not only do we hate weather changes in the winter time, because they can be so unpredictable and mess with our travel plans, we tend to hate any kind of weather in general, especially as a chronic pain patient, as typically any kind of weather will mess with us in some sort of way. That, and Seasonal Affective Disorder tends to rear it's ugly head around this time of year. 

But winter time is by far the worst of all the culprits. Springtime we have to deal with the rain, summertime we live with the humidity, autumn there’s the dryness in the air, but in winter we get the wet and heavy snow. It’s not like when we were carefree little kids and we could run outside and build a snowman (cue the Frozen soundtrack), now we’ve got to do all we can to try and make it through these dreary days!


 Distracting yourself is a very important thing to do. We all need a good distraction every once in a while to take ourselves away from the mundane and the everyday. Perhaps you like to color mandalas? Adult coloring books (get your mind out of the gutter!) have made quite an impression on many people. I have three or four, and just purchased a nice watercolor pencil set. You could do a crossword puzzle, sudoku, play a video game, read a really enthralling book, write, draw, blog (wink, wink), just do something to keep your hands and your mind busy!


I mean, this is kind of something you have to do. But there’s nothing like a delicious hot cup of hot cocoa on a freezing cold day. It just has this special effect. It brings us back to those carefree moments in childhood when we would go and play outside and when we came back in, there was a hot cup of cocoa on the table waiting for us! Next time your at the grocery store, pick up a box of hot cocoa, splurge on it, get any kind you like! I get the one with the pretty colored marshmallows! Then, when those nasty frigid days roll around, you’ve got something there that will pick you up! Plus, the kids will love it, too! Can we say sugar high, anyone?


Is that your final answer? Yes, yes it is. By calling up a friend, you’re doing something good for yourself, and for your friend. Talk to them, tell them how you feel. That’s what friends are for, right? Perhaps you don’t have their phone number. That’s okay, too! Go online and chat with them via an instant messenger, it’s just as effective and will help just as much! It gives you a little extra accountability, too. Let them know that you might be feeling a bit low because of the weather, this way, someone else knows how you’re feeling and you’re not carrying that huge burden of sadness upon just your shoulder anymore, you’re sharing it with a friend who can help you work through it.


Chances are that you’ve probably seen a comedy before. You know how they make you feel, right? You laugh your ass off, and you always feel better after laughing! Get those deep belly laughs in. They are so good for you! Pop in a funny movie or queue one up on Netflix and get it going! Pop up a bowl of popcorn while you’re at it! You’ll start to feel better in no time!

Infographic courtesy of BetterHelp.com

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