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Ah, kids. Our little angels. We love them unconditionally, no matter what. But they can certainly be some messy little creatures! This is especially true when it comes to travelling in the car with them! Between snacks, juice, wet diapers, and well, you get the idea, our cars can become a mess after a while! Here are some tips for keeping our vehicles tidy!

1. Wet Wipes

It is always a good idea to keep some sort of wet wipe in the car when you have a child riding with you. Baby wipes are a good idea here, and they come in travel sizes, so they are convenient and you can easily store them in your glove-box, so they are there when you need them, to clean up any unexpected messes. They are also good for dusting off the dashboard every now and again!

2. Vacuum 

You never know where you're going to find that rogue Cheerio. Seriously, that thing could pop up anywhere in your car. There could be tons of them. But I digress. By vacuuming out your car at least once a month, you are able to get all those hidden crumbs, cereal, dust, etc.

3. Trash Receptacle

Do you know those plastic cereal containers that are meant to hold, well, cereal? Do you know what else they are awesome for? Using them as little garbage pails! No, really! They are great for little garbage like those empty snack bags, juice boxes, gum wrappers, and more! All you have to do is put a plastic grocery bag in it, and voila, you have your own trash bin in your car!

4. Toy Basket

Goodness knows that there are toys strewn about your car, just like they are in the house! Keep them organized with a little basket! It will make things so much easier, and the toys won't be rolling around and around in the car while you drive! Plus, if you make a stop, you can get your child a toy out of the basket, should they want one!

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