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I was compensated in the form of a free product, but the opinions are all my own. 

In this day and age there is so much hustle and bustle - too much if you ask me. Everyone is always on this electronic, or that electronic, or watching television or playing a video game. So many people forget to take a step back and just breathe for a moment. Adults know how to do that. Kids, not so much, not yet at least. WonderCrate is a subscription service that teaches children to discover their inner power. I was super stoked to try them out, because I thought Syrus would like them, and boy, was I right!

When I told Sy a box came in for him, he was ecstatic to see what it was. We waited until daddy got home from work and we ate dinner to open it up together as a family. We all were excited to see what was inside! 

We received the mindfulness box! And what a great box it is! Filled to the brim with activities for children to achieve mindfulness and to learn how to ground themselves, we dived right in! 

A stress-bunny to squeeze when the little one is feeling particularly upset about something. I find this great because he has been talking about a "squishy brain" they use at school that they use when they feel frustrated. Now he has his own squishy bunny at home to use!

An awesome pinwheel (I mean c'mon - who doesn't like pinwheels?) It promotes breathing and relaxation as they breathe in to get ready to spin the wheel, and relax as they watch it spin!

BUBBLES! Bubbles are a great relaxation and mindfulness tool! It reminds us that even though good things are here for a little while, they won't always be with us. That's an important lesson that we try to instill in our son.

It also came with these awesome cards that teach children different poses for different reasons, like how to ease aches and pains, how to relax, etc. As you can see below, little Sy liked trying the "Tree Pose!" 

It also came with these beautiful affirmation cards! My favorite is the huggable one! Anyone up for a hug party? Bring it in, bring it in!

It also comes with a fun project for the child to do, and this months happened to be a snow globe, and I've never made one, so I was fascinated by the idea of making one, just as much as Sy was! Check it out!

Just look at the expression on his face! He absolutely adored making it, but loved shaking it more!

They even included an amazing book, all about being mindful and in the moment. He loved reading it for bed that night! 

It even came with a cape! All in all, this box is straight up amazing! I loved it, Syrus loved it, and even daddy Corter thought it was pretty cool! I highly recommend this box to any and every parent to teach your child life lessons and empower them to be the best little ladies and gentlemen that they can be! Learn more about WonderCrate by clicking here! Thinking about snagging a box for your littles? Use the code WONDER to get 20% off of your order! 

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