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6 Things I Love Being About Your Mom

by JLynnCorter, 2/27/2018
There are so many things in this world to love about family. I learned that when I created my own little family with my husband. When we had our son, Syrus, we found out what love truly is. Our little love was born. My little mini-muffin, as I like to call him. He may be a little pain sometimes - I mean, what kid isn't? But there are so many things to love about my little guy!

1. He's A Lovebug

Anytime someone is upset or crying, he will come up to them and give them a hug. If there are tissues handy, he will run and grab run, and come running back and give it to the sad person. I can't count how many times he has done this for me.

2. Soccer Star

He loves to play soccer! He's in year 5, I think, if my calculations are correct! He's growing up so fast! He enjoys playing with the other kids, kicking the ball around, and just having a grand old time with the kids and having fun.

3. Silly Syrus 

Oh, the things that comes out of this kid's mouth! There are so many things. He's said things in public that could get me arrested, or for example, standing on a stool, he proudly yells, "I like being high!" and boy do we have to control our laughter! He's a walking laugh factory, he always can make me laugh and bring my spirits up, and I love him for that.

4. Dapper Gent

He is a proper gentleman. We have taught him to say please and thank you and to be kind to others. He has done very well with this, and we are very proud of him for it.

5. He's A Ladies Man 

He's too cute when it comes to girls, he is the shyest little thing in the world. But put him in front of a camera, and boom, instant ladies man. He's like "Hey girls!" With those gorgeous baby blues that he has, I wouldn't don't he would be a lady-killer, but for now, thank goodness, he is still my baby, my shy little Shyrus. Eh, eh, see what I did there?

6. He's Artistic

He's recently taken up drawing, and it's so cool to see how he progresses. I actually pulled a picture of a koala out of his school folder one day and was flabbergasted at how good it actually was! It's neat to watch how it goes along and what else he draws and brings home from school!

Syrus, I love you so very much, know that, even on my "down days," even when I don't feel well, that mommy loves you with every fiber of her being and would do anything and everything for you. You are my world, my life, and my love. Thank you for being my little love.

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