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In reference to the February 14th shooting that happened in Parkland, Florida, my heart is broken for the families that lost their children, and the teachers that lost their lives trying to protect their students. And of course Facebook was filled with all kinds of different photos of the typical "Thoughts and Prayers" - which I have nothing against, the argument over gun ownership, blah, blah, blah. I tried to stay out of it, I truly, really did. But one thing got me fired up. 


This is really upsetting, as someone who is living with mental illness. I really tried to stay out of all the Facebook chaos, but like I said, this got me really fired up. I'm someone who is on psychotropic drugs. Do you see me going around with a gun shooting up schools? I realize this is grounds for a real discussion and everyone has different opinions on the subject. But let's start with the basics. 

If indeed these shooters were all on psychotropic medications, how do we even know they were taking them correctly? They could have been prescribed to them, however, we don't know if they were taking them. There was no way to know that. Absolutely no way. This is a complex issue with a lot of aspects behind it. You know, for every single person in that picture above taking psychotropic drugs, there are thousands of others taking those drugs, who are responsible gun owners, I'm sure. 

Now, I can't make a commentary on gun control, because my family does not own a gun, nor do we know many families who own guns. This is a bigger topic then just arguing over this or that. Would it matter if we had a healthier attitude towards guns? I don't know. I know that in other countries there are stricter laws, and lower rates of mass shootings.

I know that mine is just one opinion in a sea of thousands of others. But I wanted it to be heard. 

But my point here is, we need better access to mental health services. There needs to be therapists that perform weekly check-ins via phone, e-mail, messenger, etc. It needs to be easier to get to psychiatric appointments, it needs to be easier, even if people don't have insurance to get into mental health services. 

As you all know, I live with mental illnesses, BPD, MDD, OCD, and GAD. I'm certainly not ashamed of any of them. I used to be. I definitely thought I had to be ashamed of them, and to keep myself hidden in the dark about them. However, I am not anymore. If I could do more to help those with mental illness, I would. But being chronically ill, it's kind of hard to do it. But what I can do is provide resources for those in need. So please, if you're having trouble, please reach out to one of the resources below. 

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