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Sure, little adorable half-naked babies adorn the windows and doors of stores everywhere, heart-shaped candy boxes are lining the shelves and pink and red colors abound. There is no doubt Valentine's Day is on it's way, and it's hurtling towards us at a massive speed. You're scrambling for gifts at the last minute, and it's just this big old cluster-mess of shopping madness. Why not do something for someone else this year. Someone like, say, you? There are plenty of ways you can show love for yourself, even if you're still shopping for others!

Grab Yourself Something Nice

While you're out shopping, making that Target run, buy that outfit you've been eyeing up! Get the shoes! Life's too short to pass up on opportunities that present themselves like that. Want that lamp for the living area? Snag it! You know it would look great there! Point is, you deserve something nice now and again, mama!

Book A Massage

Yes, book a massage. Trust me on this one. You're going to want to do this. And you are going to feel so much better after this. It's going to be so nice, and you're going to feel so refreshed, and just generally feel like a brand new person, all in all! Now, who wouldn't want that? 

Build A Calming Corner - Visit It

You may remember me mentioning this in another post. A calming corner is a place where you can go and just be calm, be yourself, do your own thing, and to just be you. It's a place to just be. Add some crystals, maybe a salt lamp, decorate it how you want, it's your special spot. Now visit it when you need to. Be sure to let others know when you're there, that this is your special time. 

Listen To Some Tunes

They say that music reaches the very depths of the soul, and I believe that's true. What are some of your favorite tunes? Do you enjoy rock, country, r&b? Whatever it may be, grab your mp3 player, or phone and turn on the music and tune out the world for a few minutes. 

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