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I received compensation in the form of free product, but that in no way influences my opinion.  

You guys know how much I love other subscription boxes.

Today I am going to be sharing with you a box so epic that it's MACHO. That's right I said MACHO. MachoBox is a premium subscription box for the man in your life. We (well, my husband, really,) were super excited to try them out and see what they had to offer! Check it out!

First up was the Bearded Box, for the bearded gentleman in your life. The fuzzy-faced, if you will. We received all kinds of goodies, including: 

Prairie Boys Supply Co. Beard Balm! A thick conditioner for the thickest of beards! Which is good, because Jer has a thickish beard!

Winners Beard Oil: It's for WINNERS! Read the back, it's funny!

Mad Viking Beard Company's Blackout Bar - which my husband loves! 

And last but not least in the bearded box is...

Dubs 'Stache Cream. My husband loves to take care of his beard and mustache so he was pretty pumped about all this awesome stuff. 

Now onto the Macho Box!

First we have...

Tame The Beast Extreme Yawp Beard, Hair and Body Wash. Let me tell you guys. This stuff smells good. 

Next up is 

XPN Rush Hour Pre-Workout natural health product in flavors blue raspberry and grape. The hubs decided to try blue raspberry. It dissolved easy and has a strong scent, and the verdict of the flavor? Jeremy liked it! 

Next is...

Tame The Beast Shave Cream. It has vitamins, natural skin lubricants and wilderness. YES. I said wilderness. 

After that we found...

Tame The Beast Shampoo! My husband quite enjoys washing his hair with it, plus, it makes his hair really soft so I can run my fingers through it *sigh.* 

Next up...

Tame The Beast Aftershave. For me, it's already a win because it smells like sandalwood, and I loove the smell of sandalwood. So does Jer. 

All in all, I am highly suggesting this box. Whether it be for a gift or just because, it is perfect for the man in your life. They often run special boxes as well, such as their Movember box, or their Valentine's Day box. 

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