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Summer is approaching and the question hangs heavy like humid air in the minds of all parents, “what can I do with the kids that is outdoors, healthy, and fun for everyone?” I have your answer, dear parent.

Ride a Scooter With the Kids

Scooters are quickly becoming the most family-friendly outdoor gear. This is because they are a fun activity in and of themselves, or they can accompany almost any other activity or family adventure. For instance:

  • Take your kids to the park and play a scooter game (read on for game suggestions)
  • Ride scooters to the swimming pool
  • Take your scooters on vacation to tour the sights
  • Take scooters to the beach and ride the boardwalk
  • Ride scooters to the local baseball or soccer game
  • Take scooters to the skatepark and watch the kids practice (or get in there with them!)

The list goes on. Scooters are excellent for cardiovascular health and an easy way to make good use of a nice day. Even cruising around the neighborhood with the kids is a great way to break up an afternoon at the house.

There are scooter models for all ages, and I recommend investigating which model is best for your child(ren). Whether you have wee little ones that you need to carry on your back while you ride an adult kick scooter, or you have a preteen who will fit best on a two-wheeled scooter such as the Fuzion X-5, there are different model options to best suit your family’s needs. Scooters are less cumbersome than bicycles and so it is easier to pack them into a trunk and drive to a riding destination, like the park or a beach boardwalk.

Scooter Game Ideas

Playing scooter games raises endorphins and happiness levels. If children are very young, games involving scoot boards may not improve cardiovascular health as much as children’s motor skills and their vestibular apparatus. With older children, cardiovascular and muscular health can improve with games for kick scooters.

For scoot boards (recommended ages 2-4): set up a few shoe boxes or paper towel rolls. Your child lays belly down and arms out in front on a scoot board. The adult is the “bowler” and the child on the scoot board is the “bowling ball.” I think you can figure out the rest from here ;)

For kick scooters (recommended ages 5+): put helmets on heads, sunglasses on faces, and hand a pool noodle (you know - those cylindrical, foam floating things) to the contestants. The contestants must then ride 15 -20 yards in opposite directions before turning around to face each other. You are now in position for a jousting contest. May the best person win!  (Works best in the cup of two very small inclines.)

Scooters Are a Safe, Fun Activity For the Whole Family

Whether you go to the park and ride a scooter with the kids, or you all play a fun game in the driveway, scooters enhance any day. They are just plain FUN! Nothing gets kids more excited than zipping down a sidewalk on a scooter. Furthermore, the less bulky design offers a safety measure that is invaluable to parents. I know first-hand that riding a bicycle next to a 6-year old who is also riding a bicycle is a bit nerve wracking. As the adult, I would rather be with my feet on the ground while little Johnny weebles and wobbles down the path.

With scooters, that safety issue is null and void. Children are safer. They ride three inches from the ground and can easily put their foot down. It becomes a fun, family-friendly adventure when mom or dad can ride WITH their children. We all know that kids love to play with their parents, so get out there and scoot around with them.

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