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Dear Syrus

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Dear Syrus,

What can I say? You're eight years old now. And you finally have a cousin on the way! Aunt Jessy is pregnant! I know that's the greatest gift that you'll want, because for so long you've wanted a playmate. Though you two may be years apart, I know you will both be close and lifelong friends.

Gosh, there is so much to say, little man. So much. The fact that you are a little man now. Going into the third grade...where did that time go? I constantly ask myself that question, as I am sure a lot of moms do when their babies grow up.

You make daddy and I so proud each and every day, with your handsome smile and your infectious giggles. You do bring sunshine everywhere you go. You're growing up, there is no denying that. In growing up, you're learning so much more about the world, and I love it when you come to me with your newly learned facts and tidbits. Third grade is going to be so much fun for you!

You are such a gentleman and very well mannered. There isn't anything that I would change about you, my little lovebug. I've had a blast this summer learning and growing along with you! I look forward to many more summers with you, #SummerSy.

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