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Nancy Behrman: A True Go-Getter

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Nancy Behrman, a self-motivated and highly motivated career woman is at the forefront of her industry. She currently owns and runs her own business, Behrman Communications. She began her business out of her studio apartment approximately thirty years ago. Behrman wasn’t satisfied with the PR options of old, and decided to go her own way and jump in with both feet, beginning Behrman Communications. Since then, she has earned respect from all kinds of people from all walks of life including celebrity aestheticians, doctors of dermatology and plastic surgery, makeup artists and more.

When asked how her life experience made her the leader she is today she says that going out at 25 years old was definitely a motivating factor for her. She said, “Failure simply wasn’t an option,” for her. She had begun her own business venture, and thus she needed to wear a lot of hats, like owner and leader of her own business. She steadily grew into the leadership role more as time went on.

With a fierce work ethic, she made certain to get to know the right people in the media. Even at the tender age of 22 she made friends with magazine assistants, often going out for drinks and renting beach houses together in the summer. This industry soon became her lifestyle and gave her the connections needed to start her own business.

Behrman had started her career at Kiehl’s Since 1851, and shared a special relationship with CEO Jami Heidegger, with them both being the same age. They shared a symbolic relationship. Heidegger let her try what she wanted in the way of PR, no matter how unconventional it was. Soon, Kiehl’s wasn’t a brand name only heard in the underground, but one that everyone was hearing.

Behrman’s advice to women who want a career in the PR industry is to be “whole heartedly comitted; ambivalence is no good in this industry, or in any aspect of life for that matter.” She is also a big advocate of owning your mistakes.

In her thirty years in business, the importance of achieving a balance between her work and personal lives are one of the biggest lessons she has learned. Even now she says that it is still a work in progress. There were times that she recalled being so committed to her agency that her personal life suffered, with the exception of her children, they always came first to her. Since realizing her personal life had suffered, she now has started working remotely from her home, exercising and even taking vacations. She says it gives her a “greater sense of balance” to her life, and makes her a better boss as well.

Behrman admires many other female leaders, with some of them being Tina Brown, Gwynne Thomas, a TV producer, Nicky Kinnaird, founder of Space NK, and Jami Heidegger, founder of Kiehl’s Since 1851. In the coming year, Behrman hopes to accomplish many things like having every person that is ready to be promoted to be promoted with a new title and salary. She would also like to see her own team to seek out new businesses on their own.

All in all, Nancy Behrman is a go-getter, highly-motivated self-starter who jumped right in, and wasn’t afraid to take risks. She is a successful businesswoman and is an inspiration to all girl-bosses around the world.

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