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I was gifted a free product in return for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

It's not often that I come across a subscription box - and you guys know how much I love my subscription boxes, that I find one that really touches my heart. When I found For Purpose Kids, I was really kind of pumped! When they allowed me to review a box of theirs, I won't lie, I did a little happy dance! 

The whole center of their box is to Be kind. Do good. Make the world better. I love that. My husband and I have and always will teach Syrus to be a kind-hearted little boy. And, we've seen it in him. He is a little gentleman. He holds open doors for people, says please and thank you to others, and even cheers up his fellow classmates if they're being picked on, or just look lonely. He even has an elderly pen pal he writes to from second grade, and they plan on meeting up again soon! 

That's why I was excited for this box. I knew my Sy would love it. And he totally did. Everything came packed beautifully and neatly in a lovely package. 

Now when we get inside the package, we are welcomed with an exciting message about being ready to learn all about meeting your child. Syrus was really excited!

After that, we meet the For Purpose Friends! A group of fictional global kids of various ages that are out doing varying good deeds in their part of the world, inspiring your child to do the same!

We were also provided with cut-outs of the For-Purpose Friends and Popsicle sticks so that we could make puppets out of them, and so that they could even help us on our quests to do good! But we haven't quite gotten to that part yet, as you can see. A certain little one had an ear infection and sinus issues. 

But let's get down to business here! We have our Commitment To Action here, where Syrus vows to always be helpful! You can see that below!

Now when we opened the box he got really excited because he saw books! This kid loves books! One of the books is called the The Giving Book by Ellen Sabin. There is also a space below the author's name for your child's name to go. And there is even a place right where that little globe is to stick a favorite picture of your child in there! This is essentially there go-to "good" ideas book. It has all kinds of ways that teaches them in what ways they can give back to their community, what they are thankful for, etc. Here is Sy being super-excited about the book!

We also received a "Journal of Purpose and Action," where Syrus can write about all the good deeds that he has done, or some ideas that he has come up with about doing! 

Finally, we have Syrus actually working in his Giving Book! Here, he was filling out what he was thankful for. I'll keep it private to respect his privacy, but I will tell you it was sweet and it was kind. Let me tell you what this kid asked Santa for for Christmas? Friends and family being together. And in school he asked for world peace. This kid. A sweetheart he is. But anyway, here he is filling out his Giving Book!

All in all, I fell in love with the For Purpose Kids box! There is no doubt about it! I love the whole idea behind it, I love what it stands for, I love everything about it! I definitely recommend it to any parent who wants to introduce their child to the world of giving back to the world around them! 

Want to try it for yourself?!

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